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  1. Seeing as it's sort of related, bit more progress on my CL-215.... All packed away now till after the Telford weekend... then it's Mars time.
  2. Just in from Kingkit, a 1/32nd FLY Bachem Ba.349 Natter - Get in. Although, I'm dipping into my Telford fund, chances of seeing one there would be slim at a guess!
  3. I've a secret love for X- aircraft, just something about them and that era... superb models!
  4. We do Brian, I absolutely love them. I have a 1/33rd scale Card Model that I want to do what Peter Castle did with the 1/24th Tigercat and make the main card parts with plastic and then cover it how Tom Probert does his planking. It's not small though!
  5. No progress as such, but I did cut down my 1 meter length of 4mm steel rod and placed it through the holes once they were drilled out.... it's bloody big!! That's a Heller CL-215 to show the size difference. Can't wait to get stuck in with the Mars!
  6. It's slow with the run up to Telford, but it will be at Telford loosly put together and on show on my Water Bombers SIG table... so please come and look... Then once the shows done, it's head down time... lots to be getting on with
  7. I was expecting £600+ to be honest, and I'm gutted I won't get one, I can't see me finding the other half of the money in time with Christmas being so close. But if I do, I'm getting it... I love old US bombers, big engine'd type aircraft... so fingers crossed.
  8. Price is the only thing stopping me, I will make space for it. I will have to get Hamsters and tell the Mrs it doubles up as a tube for them to go through.
  9. I know Zactoman did it, but now no longer available.... and no one else out there? Are there ever going to be more produced, by either Zactoman, or anyone else? I'm mega late to the 1/32nd Su-27 party, but I want a new canopy for it... something i've no time to redo myself sadly, but maybe one day I will if it's the only option. Radders...
  10. Following! I can't see how this will be boring, not at all! Fantastic maybe
  11. You've done a wise move by blacking the interior instead of building up the interior. Whilst it's great, something this big will have an instant 'wow' factor as soon as you see it. It's going to be amazing, I honestly can't wait to see it in all it's miniature 1/32nd Connie glory. Top work getting the fuselage together.
  12. Ordered this from Hobbyterra last week, and I'm grinning ear-to-ear at the moment. My Combat Models vacform has now officially been boxed and stored away, I may get it back out, but I may just cut it up and reuse the plastic. It's no where near the quality of this, and if I had the two built up, I'd want them looking the same... and that's going to be tough. So here it is, in all it's fibreglass glory. Nice boxart too.... I will post more shots of the sprues as the build progresses.
  13. With Peter doing the Firefly, I'm bringing this back out. I ditched my efforts before but managed to salvage the plastic. I think once Scale Model World is out the way and I can relax a bit more, it's hitting the bench. Seeing how Peter has tackled the Firefly has really got me thinking, and it looks loads better than what I did. So, until next time...
  14. With the Bf-109H boxed up for a bit, I'm replacing it with this beauty. The main reason is, I have a small fire bomber club, known as a IPMS 'SIG' (Special Interest Group) and I really need to get building some more stuff for it... most of it is 1/72nd scale, but the odd subject, like this will be 1/32nd scale. Along with my Vacform Tracker when it gets done and some choppers.... Used as a leader plane and a ' aerial plane spotter ' for other fire bomber aircraft, the Bronco plays a very helpful part in fighting fires. Currently, there should be 12 Broncos flying for CDF (Cal Fire) that I know of, but living in the UK and not having a current list online that may have changed. (I use photo databases, but they don't show the status of the aircraft). Some of the Broncos have been upgraded to 4, and also 5 bladed props and I want to convert mine from 3 to either 4 or 5. I plan on making a master prop and spinner and then getting them cast... probably from CMK! I'm sure we've all seen the plastic in reviews so I won't bore you with it, but the boxart for the time being while I get down to some modelling.. and a photo of the said aircraft I'm building. Thanks for looking in!
  15. Sure is, I have photos on my site - https://radleighbushell.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/scale-model-world-competition-aircraft/
  16. Annoying, isn't it! And thanks Peter, that would be great. I could really do with some PE to push some projects forward!
  17. That PE is superb. What do you use to create the files Peter?
  18. Lego.... Genius. If it works mate, go for it. Regarding gluing the perspex, in the film industry... they used chloroform and I'm certain it also sticks other plastic to it too. I did have a 'large' bottle of it, but it's all gone now and I've never been able to get more.... I actually think you need a license now to hold it. But if you can get it, it's great.... PS: Will reply to the message shortly, been really busy.....
  19. OK, I'm jealous... but hopefully I will have one soon! Just a lot of money.... especially as I've just bought this.....
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