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  1. Thank you, it’s certainly taken sometime to do it, but I’m pleased with the result. Hoping HK will bring out an FG.1/FGR2.
  2. Red/brown/black mix for radome.
  3. Thank you, I used MRP for the camouflage - superb paints. For the main upper fuselage RLM 76 was used - The remaining colours were FS 36270 for the inner wing (although this was lightened) and for the lower surfaces FS 36440. regards Andrew
  4. Yes, I have the sheet but it does have its short comings. I did use the nose markings initially but accidentally pulled one off when masking. In some ways it was a good thing because the colours aren’t quite right, particularly those used on the tigers head. In fact the only items that I used from the Yellowhammer sheet were the fin flash, Tigers head and code letter on the tail. The rest were from the spares box or painted on.
  5. This has been a long term project inspired by a photo I’d seen nearly 30 years ago! The Tamiya F-4J provided the basis for this project. Some aftermarket items were used, including GT intakes, Aires seats, Eduard external PE sets and Flightpath for the AIM-9 acquisition round. Decals were from various sources. The squadron nose marking and crew names were custom made. Safety and rescue markings were created using homemade stencils (Silouhette Portrait Cutter). Paints came from MRP. regards Andrew
  6. Hi this is my first posting and for that matter my first 1/32 kit.This is the Revell 1/32 Hunter FGA.9 / Fisher T.8M conversion finally completed. The conversion was fairly straight forward but it does require some 'extras' to bring it up to full T.8M standards. Due to the fact that the donor kit is an FGA.9 some of the vents / NACA scoops should be removed or moved to represent those found on 'small bore' Avon Hunter's. Other items perculiar to the T.8M must be scratch built / bought - Doppler Panel, cooling vent pipe and Sidewinder related items - Adaptors, rails and the missile bodies. The ACMI pod was converted using a couple of Tamiya AIM 9 missiles. The ladder was scratchbuilt using plastic card and guitar string. Decals were from various sources - XtraDecal, Kit decal sheet (stencils), Modeldecal and those supplied in the conversion set. The model was painted using Xtracolour, Halfords and oil paints. The model depicts XL580 as seen on the Deci ramp in 1985 - hence the ACMI pod. regards Andrew
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