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  1. vobis khan

    B-29 Super Fortress

    Odd that this made the news. I doubt the location had been "Lost" as the news said. As Vitali says, this was a bad story all the way around. Alan
  2. vobis khan

    T-6 in the African wars.

    Wow, I'm going to need at least Two T-6 kits. This sheet looks great. Any chance it will be scaled down to 1/48? (says the owner of a dozen Monogram T-6's)
  3. vobis khan

    Crop Duster with attitude...

    This is an idea that has been proposed in many ways, by many different folks over the last 50 or so years. It has yet to be actually used (IIRC). I've seen so many pics of crop dusters tarted up this way, but never seen one used. I think that even the smallest Air Forces refuse to use these, no matter how good the Cost Benefit Analysis is. Sad too, as I think they might really be fairly useful, given the right conditions.
  4. Ouch! What a way to check for weak plasterboard. The Encore SE-5A was a nice bonus tho.
  5. vobis khan

    Back dating F-15C to A tweak list

    I was a Crew Chief on F-15's at Kadena AB back in the 80's. I had 78-0561 a "D" Model for my bird. PM Me if you'd have any questions.
  6. vobis khan


    There is another point. Far fewer kits in a run. Those 1960's kit we all grew up on were produced in quantities that would boggle the mind today. MPC sold over a Million Dukes of Hazard Charger kits. Now, look past the curtain and you see production runs in the thousands. (as in 3000-5000) So the cost of everything to produce kits has gone up, and you have vastly smaller numbers of modelers to amortize the tooling costs. There are some industry insiders who read this board, maybe they can correct me if I am wrong. But, I suspect that Sheer Numbers play a large part in todays high costs. Alan
  7. Q-tips (Cotton Buds, on the other side of the pond), Foam backed Fingernail sanding sticks and buffers, I have a tool box full of tools left over from my days as an auto mechanic. Sometimes I'll use stuff out of it, when the 'hobby' stuff is too small.
  8. vobis khan

    TAMIYA corsair. WOW

    Yep, I want one too. Makes me wish I had a larger Hobby Room.
  9. vobis khan

    Wingnut Wings announce their latest kit

    Well, I am not sure about the P-59. They did indeed produce a kit, but after having fought it together, I am not sure if I'd classify it as "done well". I'd like to try one of their Fokker Tripes or Camels.
  10. vobis khan

    Wingnut Wings announce their latest kit

    From what I have read, Mr. Jackson has said that he'll not devote design effort and money to projects that have already been done "well". I take it from this, that we'll not see a Camel, or a SPAD. There could be other aircraft on his 'short list' of kits that have been done "well", but I have no clue what they might be. That said, the phenomenal success WNW has had, may move the choices of "what to kit next" around in ways we cannot anticipate. I look forward to finally getting a raise, and buying either a Tripe-Hound or an SE-5A.
  11. vobis khan

    Tropical Me 109 E filter ?

    I don't kn ow either, but speak up if you find one. I could use it too.
  12. vobis khan

    Rant of an old and neurotic man.

    Barney, That "Canuckistan" AF bird is a real Beaut! Fabulous is too weak a word to describe it. Got any more Pics?
  13. vobis khan

    Speaking of Stukas

    Wow! Thanks for the New Info, Mark. I looked at a Quickboost product listing and could find no NightFighter exhausts. Maybe they are out of production? I did see 1/32 Ju-87 regular exhausts, however. J.Rutman doesnot seem to have any 1/32 Nightfighter stuff either. Drat! I'd like to build an all Black machine, but I am afraid that a "B" may be the wrong airframe to do so. Anybody have any ideas for a simple two colour (top/bottom) paint scheme that might work instead? Thanks for the help guys. I start building the cockpit tonight. Alan
  14. vobis khan

    Speaking of Stukas

    Thanks, Thierry. I had not found the Quickboost stuff. So I am OK to use a Bertha as a possible Night Attacker, but not with the special exhaust pipes. Let me do some more looking.
  15. vobis khan

    Wee bit more detail on upcoming Hase LSPs

    Thanks. That Camel looks to be an all year project.