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  1. Thanks for the kind words, this was the weekend ed so no PE used the seats belts I did with tape.i got so many projects going don't know when I'll post another working this PCM tempest is proving to be a pain tough kit but fun tough if that makes sense was thinking of doing a wip but there's already a good one posted. Thanks Scott
  2. We'll this is my attempt at Eduards 109E-3, enjoyable kit just waiting for my EZ Line to come in to finish the antenna then some light weathering other than that mostly do,sorry pic are from my ipad wife has the canon she's out of state atm so here goes.
  3. We'll finally dug this out of the stash and decided to tackle it after about a year of stash dust, anyway only camera I have at the moment is my ipad so hopefully I can find my canon and get some progress pics going. This is second limited run kit I've attempted so I know it can be a pain, nice looking kit though. Wish me luck. Scott
  4. Silently waiting for this I worked on T2's when I was in VF-43 need it to go with my A-4E Scott
  5. Only differance in the b-c I remmeber from my maintance days on the buckeye was the engines, they put a bigger J85 in the C cant remmember the B's Scott
  6. I just realized "airscale" duh! I have used your Luftwaffe Placards and instrament for my 1/32 ME110D and loved them, i just may jazz this up. Thanks Scott
  7. Very nice Peter thanks a million! Scott
  8. Greetings, I recently got this kit a yard sale for $2.00! Now I've heard that this is the same as the Airfix kit, short of emailing Airfix or Heller does anybody know where I can get the instruction sheet (or anybody have?) just wondering. Thanks Folks Scott
  9. Doogs, I actually help paint our AC 533 in water color camo during desert storm boy was that a cluster Scott
  10. I was in the Navy 1982-2003 was in 3 A-6 squadrons VA-42 (Shore Based),VA-34 (USS America),and VA-36 (USS Roosevelt) the later during Desert Storm. We had KA-6D's in 42 and 34 not in 36, I worked on TRAMS and we had a handful of SWIPS had 18 jets in 36 with 10 of those with the pain in the butt Boeing rewings (composite) the others offcourse where the metal wings. I was an Aviation Structural Mechanic. I'll try and put together a list of differances if I can remember them all, the most noticles off my head where the fuselage speedbrake(no liteing holes)on the E, the avionics cooling scoop top,port Fus just fwd the vert stab(not on the A),ECM ant installed on wingtips ontop of the fuel dumps inboard the tip speedbrakes. I'll have to think more on it,but I'll come up with it. I loved the Intruder better than the other aircraft I worked on in my 21 year career A-4,T-2,and the F/A-18C and D. BTW " Buff " in the Matwing community means " Big Ugly Fat F#%@er " Scott
  11. The one that would make my decade would be..... 1/32 North American T-2C Buckeye with VF-43 markings another of my old squadrons Scott
  12. Im not really a rivit counter but when it comes to the A-6 I find myself being really picky being as I worked on them for many many years, but ive come to the conclusion no company will ever get them right so if its close I can deal with it, just need a good starting point.
  13. Has any word come out yet if or when Trump may release this kit the A-6A is a nice kit but the ony A i ever worked on was a convert to KA-6D having worked on the E,TRAM,and SWIP I really would like one of these. Thanks Folks Scott
  14. I have some good Referances in .pdf format shoot me a pm if interested
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