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  1. Hi guys, Thanks to all for ur toughts. I will start to look around for one. Tony
  2. Hello, As the title says, what would be the best Phantom to buy? Greet Tony
  3. Hello, After a year long search i finally found the first of Classic Publications great reference books. I am really happy to finally add it to my library. Tony
  4. Hello, For those who missed the book last time around, i just saw that it is available again at The book depository http://www.bookdepository.com/Horten-Ho229-Spirit-Thuringia-Andrei-Shepelev/9781903223666 Nothing to do with the site, just a heads up. Tony
  5. Hello As with my previous postings, I took this one over from a collegue at work who is thinning his stash. The Tamiya 1/32 Zero. Not really my cup of tea, but the price was too good to let it pass, especially with all the AM included. Not sure what i gonna do with it, but for now it just goes onto the stash. Tony
  6. Hi again, After i took over the Ta 152 the past week (see post above this one), i was able to take over another nice package from my collegue at work who is thinning his stash. This time its the Hasegawa D-9. Again the kit was loaded with AM, no less then 22 sets!!! Among them are 3 different brands of cockpit sets, all the Eagle Parts sets and 4 Quickboost sets. There are also some sets wich i think are no longer produced, the Moskit exhausts among them, wich are really amazing. Here are the pics: Tony
  7. Hello, I took this one over from a collegue at work. I got a really nice deal on it. Tony
  8. John, In the book there are only 4 pictures of Me 262s Nothing on the captions says that any of the 4 are actually his aircraft. There is also 1 color profile of yellow 1 that states that that one is the aircraft he flew. HTH Tony
  9. Hello, 5 more books for the library. Tony
  10. Hello, I just finished this one an hour ago. Kit fell together without problems, the decals however were not usable at all. I only used the cowl emblems and the numbers. All others came from the spare parts box. Normally there should be large red bands on either side of the fuselage, but the decals desintegrated complete and the pattern was to difficult for me to reproduce with masking. Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, but my cam went to the great beyond a couple of months ago, so i used my phone. Anyway here they are: Tony
  11. Hello, Thanks for the replies. I give the Radu tool a try. Tony
  12. Hello, can anyone point me in the direction as to where i can buy some basic scribing tools. Its just to rescribe panel lines lost during sanding. Both in 32 and 48 scale. I prefer to buy in Europe due to shipping costs. Thanks in advance, Tony
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