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  1. Liking the detailing! What material is that for making the molds?
  2. Sean, I appreciate your efforts to initiate Tamiya's announcement on them doing a F-86! I'll be taking notes of your build as I plan on building my Hasegawa kit for the 2021 Air Superiority GB (fingers crossed!) Mike
  3. Some is better than none. I'm still struggling with what I want to build for this GB.... Mike
  4. Ok, I spent the evening getting this build wrapped up. A few pics of the completed build. A pic on top of the display case It was an enjoyable build not worrying about accuracy, panel lines, or seams. Stuff that typically bogs me down with builds. Now to get ready for the Training Day GB next month. Thanks for looking in! Mike
  5. Yeah, I’ll get this wrapped before the deadline. I’ve been distracted building 1/20 F1 kits, and I recently picked up (and started) a 1/12 MFH Eagle Gurney Weslake multi-media kit.
  6. Fantastic looking build! Great work on this kit!
  7. I typically have multiple projects going. I like to meander
  8. Wow, fantastic work on those exhausts! They look the real deal. Enjoying another great build!
  9. I had planned on doing a Navy T-28, but since adversaries are included for this GB, time for a change in builds....
  10. Doing a fantastic job on this build!
  11. Received my order as well, and they are a very nice. TY!
  12. Another long over due update. I've been side tracked with getting in some fly fishing and building 1/20 F1 kits. When I was reviewing the decal placement sheet for my build, I realized the jet did not have the green antenna on the vertical stabilizer, but a red cap instead. So, I had to do a little repainting. I need to add a some weathering to the build, add the armament, and the pitot tube in order to wrap this build up. Hopefully, it won't take a month to complete. Thanks for checking in. Mike
  13. Just amazing work Max! Can't wait to see the colors on the build! Mike
  14. Making great progress on the kit! Looking forward to the painting phase of it. Mike
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