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  1. Hello Wolf, I want to thank you for the tip on using dish washing soap and distilled water with the Detailer washes. What a difference this makes! I was never happy with the results I got previously with using the Detailer wash by itself. I used your mixture on my current build, and finally I've gotten ther look I've been after. Thanks again! Mike
  2. Thanks for the welcome aboards! Okay, I pulled the trigger and purchased the Tamiya Viper. I've built the 1/48 version, so I'm looking forward to this one! Mike
  3. I normally build 1/48 jets, but I want to do a 1/32 scale one. I'm looking at either Tamiya's F-15E Bunker Buster or their F-16, and I'm going to build it OOB. Which one would be the most enjoyable to build? Or would you recommended another? Thanks, Mike
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