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  1. I've done a search on how to solve this issue and so far no luck.


    Does anyone have some suggestions on the best way to add very thin yellow lines to an aircraft canopy? I'm referring to the yellow band that you often see separating the clear part of the canopy from the frame. 


    I'm guessing masking, but I have no clue on how to mask such a thin line. Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance.

  2. Update on my order from March 10 with Hobbyworld USA.


    I tried one last time to get a response from them and gave them a week to respond. After more silence from Hobbyworld, I decided to raise my concerns with Paypal. Paypal reviewed my case and has given me a full refund.


    In hind site I should have checked into hobbyworld BEFORE placing my order, but will not be using them again. 



  3. Hi everyone.


    I placed an order for MRP paints with Hobby world USA back in early March. I received a confirmation email right away stating that some of the paints were on back order so it might take a while.  Since several months have gone by, I thought I should try and get an update from them.  I've tried different ways of getting a hold of anyone with hobby world all with no response. 


    Should I be concerned, or is Hobby world USA legit?



  4. On 4/10/2020 at 12:48 AM, Wolf Buddee said:

    Hi Craig,


    Thank-you my friend. No, no photo etch on the front. Because the lamps face at a downward angle you actually can’t see the front face of the lamp when viewing down in to the cockpit. The black line towards the front of the lamp is my best effort at replicating the knurled portion of the lamp. For that I used Archer Fine Transfer micro weld bead. Making one of the lamps was fun. Making four of ‘em, all exactly the same, was a PITA!


    The kit unfortunately doesn’t come with any representation of the six Brownings. Hence the need to make up something rather than just having a void in the openings.


    Thanks for the compliment regarding the cockpit. Tamiya really have to be given a great deal of credit. Their Corsair kits are incredibly detailed from nose to tail straight OOB and we are very lucky indeed to have them produce such a model. Basically I’m guilting the lily with my extras. 





    I’ve been stumped with figuring out a way to replicate a knurled surround and there you go and come up with the solution! Great work Wolf!

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