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  1. Don't nag Stormer! I have a screen full of aerofoil sections just now - and they're not Spitfire ones... Thank you one and all for kind words on the Spitfire - really appreciated. Iain
  2. Apologies all - been tied up with Spitfires - back on wing profiles this week. Should have profiles done by next weekend. Iain
  3. Some images added to 'Ready For Inspection'. Blue skies, Iain
  4. Right - off to grab a small glass of vino - then back to looking at B-24 wings... Iain
  5. Cheers Max - much appreciated! The test, of course, is whether my client is happy with it!! Iain
  6. Calling this done - although looking at the photots I need to dust her again! What is it about model photography and dust? Anyhow - build thread here. Based upon measurements of a TR. Mk IX fuselage in a jig, along with original Supermarine drawings, she's taken a lot longer than planned - but hopefully my client will like her. Markings are based upon a wartime 'Eagle Squadron' scheme as a tribute to a brave young American pilot with 133 Squadron, RAF, who lost his life days before the Squadron transferred to the USAAF: Gene P Neville Back in a mo with some more (and just noticed a panel line I need to sort). Iain
  7. That's brilliant Mike - thank you! Hadn't seen that site and wasn't aware they were available still! Will contact them and stock up on supplies... Iain
  8. Great project Kev! Castings look superb - and quite a change in look for the old 109! Iain
  9. Some more... Finish looks very flat when photographed in the light tent - but does have a sheen - here she is on the kitchen table with ambient light: Need to sort the lights, paint radio aerial, weather the exhaust stubs a little and a few other bits and bobs. And, yes, cowl panels are removable - just a bit of a faff. Will include when I do final RFI shots. A HUGE thank you to everyone that's chipped in along the way and kept the encouragement going. Taking a break now! Iain
  10. Thanks guys - wine was good! Not delivering next weekend now - so gives me a little extra time for some details! Here's where we're at - please be gentle! Back with a few more in a mo... Iain
  11. Cheers Dennis - had seen that - but none on stock here in UK when I looked last week! Iain
  12. That's a beautiful build - love it! I think these kits are an absolute bargain - and your build illustrates just how good they can look... Iain
  13. I have the Mombeek book on JG.1 - a fair few red under-nose a/c from memory - but will see if I can find this airframe... Iain
  14. Thank you! Quiet day - at work - then drawing badges in the evening (with a wee glass of single malt to celebrate!) Iain
  15. Another umpteen hours and not a lot of apparent progress - but about ready to clean down ready for varnish. What I wanted to show here was a new 'Eagle Squadron' badge on the cowling. Couldn't find anything suitable commercially - and, although we have a digital cutter, a mask wouldn't have captured the fine detail in the design. So - design drawn up in an ancient version of CorelDRAW I'd long forgotten how to use - on a 15 year old laptop we weren't sure would still work! Reason for old tech is because the laptop runs Windows XP - the last O/S to be supported by my old ALPS MD-1000 thermal wax printer. Not only does it print CMYK - but it's brilliant for model decals as it also does white, silver and gold - ideal for the white of the Eagle Squadron design. With the stress of drawing it up over the last week, the stress of today was seeing if I still had a white cartridge (hen's teeth) - and would the printer still work, as it's 9 - 10 years since I last used it. Happy to report that, after some faffing around, and foul language, I found a part used white cartridge - and got the printer to work! Result on Port Cowl panel in photos below: Off to have a small nervous breakdown - and maybe some wine! Model has to be complete this weekend - flying over to Abbeville in France on Wednesday for the BullChip meet (Chipmunk and Bulldog aircraft) and, hopefully meeting my client there on Saturday. I suspect he's expecting a Spitfire! Blue skies! Iain
  16. Just catching up - absolutely stunning Kent! Basing cockpit on those F-5-L photos makes a huge amount of sense... Iain
  17. More progress... More engine detail added - plumbing and brown frame strips (from decal) - and fitted to airframe. Lower cowl bonded to fuselage underside. Fit not brilliant so decision made to bond in place and act as a keel for the cowl frames/engine and ensure best fit of other, removeable, panels. Wing walks masked and sprayed. Undercarriage added - mainwheels still loose. Note the prop/spinner assy. is all lose at present - placed for photos - so no comments about fit please! Next up - a start of some subtle weathering - as befits a modern 'warbird'. Blue skies... Iain
  18. *Have* to finish my two-seat Spit project first before I get back on this - soon though! Iain
  19. Couple of quick and dirty photos before bed: Rear canopy now painted - and edges of the roundel added to the rear lower sections, where it sits over fuselage roundel. Opens and closes - and will work 'inverted' - unlike the kit supplied front canopy. I think the fit in the closed position against the 'tunnel' is as good as I can get it given material thickness etc.. Sqn. codes re-applied. Cowl panels painted inside and about to add some wiring to the engine area, before some very subtle weathering. Hopefully get the engine on and some subtle airframe weathering tomorrow - followed by final varnish layer. Then undercarriage and final details... My aim is to be able to take it down to show some friends at our model society meet on Thursday - finished! We'll see! Iain
  20. Apologies - the photos were hosted on my old website - so links no longer work I'm afraid. I still have all the photos - so if there's anything you want me to dig out and re-post just shout. Iain
  21. That's a brilliant collection of photos Andreas - thanks for sharing! Iain
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