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  1. You're all way over-thinking this/imagining issues that aren't there... The canopy *is* a snug fit (after lots of pattern tweaking) - which is why it has a tendency to sit a little higher at the rear in the 'closed' position - hence my wanting to 'locate' a little more positively in the vertical plane. I'm probably just going to add some stretched sprue to aid location on the rails... ... at the weekend. Iain
  2. Hi Graham, Flexibility not a problem - just want to try and locate it more positively in the vertical plane. Iain
  3. LOL - I'm afraid it's the amateur engineer in me - I like to work the numbers as this should give a solid foundation for the modifications. Oh - and I have assumed a linear transition in thickness chord ratios - from the 22% at root - to 9.7% at tip - but I can't see it being any more complex than that! Ted - yes - plan is to put together a .pdf sheet with the templates for anyone that wants to have a go. Also thinking of producing a 'kit' with drawings, laser cut formers in 2mm HIPS and rein cast replacement tips - if there's sufficient interest to make it worthwhile. Caveat - things like this take a little time - and my priorities are elsewhere at this point. Iain
  4. Yup - all done from Supermarine drawings Graham - and access to a fuselage in a jig Internal structure is quite different to the single-seaters too! Ongoing build here. Apologies for sidetrack Tim! Iain
  5. Finished you say? Finished? Er, no... I have to get my Spit finished - and some B-24 wings sorted... Oh - and the small matter of learning Rhino 3D Modelling software so I can do the cowls/nacelles. Iain
  6. Looks eminently doable Tim - and the 0.5mm should do the trick! Iain
  7. Just to add - I've used the 0.5mm on the Spitfire canopies - I'd use 1mm for anything larger. But 0.5 has been perfect for these: Blue Skies! Iain
  8. Thanks all - lots of frayed nerves - but on final roll now (hopefully!) Going to try bonding some fine stainless rod to the insides of the rear canopy to see if I can get it to actually locate in the canopy rails - and make it 'slideable' whilst 'locking' any vertical movement. I'll need to be in absolutely the right mood to get this right - and not damage the moulding... Iain
  9. As others have said - I've learned from experience - don't use any primer - just raw resin. Don't be tempted to fill any pin holes on the surface with filler/paint/superglue - in my experience it doesn't work and you'll get imperfections on any moulding. Best sand these back until gone - or cast another copy. Iain
  10. Use a UV stabilised PETG - 0.5 mm/20 thou Vivac is a good brand here in Europe - not sure if available in the US? No mould release - but don't polish the surface of the pattern - if polished surface then flat back a little - I use 2000 grit wet and dry, but have heard of scotchbright etc used. That's with a cast polyeurethane resin master - as that's what I use - and don't get any separation issues. Iain
  11. Hi Ron, you posted that while I was writing my last update post If I can get the next three profiles drawn up this week I should be able to post pictures next weekend - and have a wing shape that's pretty sorted - at least to my eyes, if nobody else's! My Spitfire work has had to take priority... Iain
  12. OK - sat and worked out the thickness/chord ratios at the next moulded webs in the kit wing - working out from the root (where root is web #1) - these are (all to 2 decimal places) - with kit dimensions: Web #2 20.85% - kit wing chord 123mm - so overall wing thickness needs to be 25.65mm at this point. Web #3 19.71% - kit wing chord 115mm - so thickness needs to be 22.67mm Web #4 16.98% - kit wing chord 100mm - so thickness needs to be 16.98mm Last two are the one's either side of the gear bay - I don't think any more will be needed. I will also allow for a reduction in wing incidence - approx 1 deg less from web #1 (root) to web #4 (outer edge of gear bay). Next step is to use the airfoil generator tool to create the different Davis profiles for the three stations - thickness/chord ratios - sizes listed above - then remove the allowance for wing plastic thickness, and then mark out to fit moulded wing. *Should* be straightforward now I've done the number crunching. Once I have these done I can work out how much to taper the moulded in 'spar' in the upper wing to reduce the tip thickness. Probably doesn't mean a lot to readers at this stage - but makes sense for me to write down here as much as anywhere, so I have them to refer back to! Have fun... Iain
  13. Hi Steve, Thanks for your interest! If you go back up the thread I cover this somewhere... Plan is laser cut styrene - I just need to finish the profiles. Iain
  14. OK - I said I'd been beavering away on the canopies again... My client wanted to be able to open and close the canopies - closed to get the beautiful shapes in flight, open to be able to see the cockpit details. This was always going to be tricky with vac canopies and I had several concerns: Would the rear canopy moulding sit tight against the canopy rails - in both open and closed positions? Would there be a good enough fit with the vacuum formed 'tunnel' section where they meet? Well, after hours and hours of fiddling with patterns - I think we're there. Excuse the sanding dust - images taken whilst dry fitting/sanding edges to fit. Oh - and this is a test dummy tunnel - longer than final part at the front. Closed - note perfect alignment of rear canopy with canopy rails - and fit against tunnel (loosely placed - no gap when fitted): Rear canopy open - again - perfect positioning on the canopy rails: And both canopies open: I may trim the rear canopy down just a little more at the rear - but good progress I think... Blue skies, Iain
  15. Thanks guys - much appreciated! Will reply to PMs as I go through making list - so probably Saturday. Iain
  16. No - not for the overall numbers - I have to have at least 6 paid-up IPMS (UK) members - but, other than that, all welcome! And apart from name/membership numbers of those 6, the only other membership details that go in the return are the headline numbers, broken down as: IPMS (UK) Senior IPMS (UK) Junior IPMS (UK) Family Member Overseas IPMS Non-IPMS Iain
  17. Hi folks, As many will be aware our 32SIG is registered as an official Special Interest Group within IPMS (UK) and that gives us the opportunity each year of having a stand at the Telford Scale ModelWorld show. The group is affiliated to the Large Scale Planes website and proudly flies the LSP logo. Every year I have to do a return - and book space for Telford. For the purposes of the return I need to know who's happy to be included as a member and if your membership is senior, junior, family, overseas or non-IPMS. Membership is a loose term - there are no fees - and you don't have to actually exhibit - just happy to be affiliated with the group. It helps to have as many members listed as possible. Please drop me a PM here on LSP with your IPMS membership number (if applicable) and membership status as listed above. Would ideally like to have details by next Saturday evening so I can get the return filed and space for the 2019 Telford show booked. Have fun! Iain
  18. Don't have the Combat kit Bruce - but I do have some of the ID kits - somewhere. I *really* doubt there's a better solution to be found there - I'm still convinced simple formers and some cutting will fix - I've just been too busy with finishing the Spitfire project to make any further headway. Iain
  19. After a lot more work I've pulled two new clear parts I'm happy with (new 'tunnel' section as well as blown rear canopy), that will hopefully fit - and importantly, fit together in the closed position. But I'm shattered now - need to put it away for today - I'll try and post images next few days. Iain
  20. Apologies for lack of updates - manic few weeks. Currently fettling the rear canopy master so that resulting moulding will fit properly - in both opened and close positions - so not a lot to show. Hopefully something worth seeing later this weekend. Blue skies, Iain
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