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  1. Iain (32SIG)

    Halcyon 1/9 Alien Figure

    For someone way out of their comfort zone Kev, I'd say you've pretty much nailed it - absolutely brilliant!! Iain
  2. Have been commissioned to build a 'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire model in 1:32 - based upon the superb Tamiya Mk IX kit and my client has kindly given permission for me to post progress here. Photo by Darren Harbar, via Eastern Daily Press This is a complex project and will have to create a lot of things from scratch, but will have assistance in terms of drawings and details from one of the UK's leading Spitfire engineers. As an example of the changes the front 'pit is moved foward by 13.5 inches on the full-size airframe, and the rear canopy is not the standard Spitfire 'bubble' (it's longer) - so it's not as straightforward as first meets the eye. Aiming to complete the project early in the New Year - but in order to make a start with some of the more straightforward work, I've commenced with that glorious Merlin: Rocker covers have been replaced with the excellent Barracuda items which feature the Rolls-Royce name. Small gaps in assembly now filled and should start getting paint on later today... This project will take priorty over my other builds. Blue Skies! Iain
  3. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Not offended at all - it's really nice to have everyone's interest in the project and people chipping in!! And *lots* of people have assumed I'm doing a direct replica of ML407... Iain
  4. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Hi Anthony, Yup - fully aware of the differences - and that the green grey demarcation on the cowling is further forward (to allow for the front 'pit being further forward) - but as I mentioned near the beginning - this isn't meant to directly represent ML407 - but a model of the same two-seat conversion type. Some of this may change as my client makes final decisions regarding markings - but I want to get the stenciling done first. If we move the grey/green onto the lower cowl that's a very simple job. Iain
  5. Iain (32SIG)

    B-24 Liberator Lead Ship aka Judas Goat

    Pretty standard - and pet peeve of mine - blades 'weather' far more on the rear as that's the side that's presented to any dust/dirt/material in the air as it rotates. Iain
  6. Iain (32SIG)

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Some photos with where I'm at... Roundels are now sitting nicely - albeit with a few cracks that will need touching in on the fuselage roundels. Model loosely put together - with dry fitted undercarriage - and, for the first time - test piece canopies in place to test fit (these are not the final quality ones!). Excuse the dust on the model - will just wipe off! Have fun! Iain
  7. Hi all, I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on the new kit from HobbyBoss - and have splurged out for two of the beasts; one to do an RAF Coastal Command Liberator Mk.VI (which will be the subject of this thread) and the second to convert to a Privateer. The Coastal Command bird will be my entry into the Multi-Engine Group Build starting Jan 1st - and I'll move this thread over when the time comes. In the interim, with all the interest (and controversy) around this new release, and in parallel with writing up the review for LSP, I thought making a start on some of my planned fixes would be in order, and not debar it from entry in the Group Build. Some place-holder images for now... And that wing cross section that's caused so much comment - as said elsewhere I have a plan, which I think will work and, tomorrow, I'll post a comparison of the kit cross section with a 22% Davis B-24 type airfoil - watch this space! I'm hoping this thread will be like the one where I built/corrected the Revell He219 - with the LSP community chipping in with thoughts/ideas/reference material. All input appreciated - but no hyperbole please - keep everything constructive eh? Have fun! Iain
  8. Iain (32SIG)

    Favourite airbrush/compressor?

    Iwata HP-CH here too - love it - have a few others too, but that's my fave. Had my Iwata a long tome now - 10+ years - and I've not yet had to replace anything - and it gets a *lot* of use! That said I can also get some good results with a cheap Chinese dual action airbrush I bought last year - but it's not as easy to clean! Compressors - get the best you can afford - and only get one with an air tank. I run a Jun-Air - incredibly quiet and will easily outlast me! These are hugely expensive new - but second-hand ones that have been looked after can be an absolute bargain. Iain
  9. Iain (32SIG)

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    Not negative at all - and a very valid point! I believe it will be pretty obvious - but I can only demonstrate once I've finished the work on the wings and the main spar. As I have two kits I'll be able to take some photos with the wing positioned on the fuselage - both as it comes in the kit and then as modified. It will then be up to you guys to decide if there's a noticeable difference - and if so, whether the work involved is worth it! But I can get a bit geeky about some things - please don't judge me too harshly!! Have to say though, one of the drivers to this was reading that the wing was 'impossible' to fix - to me that's like a red flag to a bull! Iain
  10. Iain (32SIG)

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Like the Trumpeter Lightnings, and many other kits, I suspect they match one set of drawings very well! Iain
  11. Iain (32SIG)

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    With working on the Spit I've run out of time to do any more on the wings - but hopefully in the next week, or so. Iain
  12. Iain (32SIG)

    1/32 Trumpeter Eurofighter Exhaust

    As others have said - Revell is by far the better shape. As to jet pipes - I've wondered that myself! Iain
  13. Iain (32SIG)

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    Hi Craig, At present I don't think any additional spar will be needed. Forcing the shape change on the inner section of wing will have little effect on the outer section - which, by default, will stay in line with the nacelles, which I'm not changing the angle of at all. As you can see I'm leaving a lot of the moulded reinforcement in place towards the front of the wing. Kit spar will be used - subject to some modification. In further news - I mentioned a while back that I thought the root chord was out - have found new drawings that show the root chord measurement I was using is at the aircraft centreline - not where the wing meets the fuselage - so it's actually about right. Iain
  14. Iain (32SIG)

    Researching the CA-27 Sabre

    Hiya Shane - great to see you! Nurses? Hopefully nothing too serious? Iain
  15. Iain (32SIG)

    1/48 Roden Pilatus Porter

    That's beautiful! Well, as beautiful as a Porter can be... Iain
  16. Iain (32SIG)

    P-38J Lightning - Revell 1/32

    Excellent - love the P-38! Iain
  17. Iain (32SIG)

    WnW Felixstowe

    Really nice work! Iain
  18. Iain (32SIG)

    CF-18 color bird

    Me too - those 'Hornet' markings are stunning! Iain
  19. Iain (32SIG)

    1/32 Intruder A

    +2 - great start! Iain
  20. Like it Erwin - especially with those canards! Iain
  21. Iain (32SIG)

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    Thanks for support guys! Iain
  22. Iain (32SIG)

    B-24 Ditching test

    Brilliant - had seen a few stills of this test before - but didn't know the film had survived! Iain
  23. Iain (32SIG)

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    Cheers Ryan... More work ahead - but really confident of a working solution now! Wing tips: earlier in the thread I mentioned the tip thickness - and this is one of the reasons I'm doing so much work on the wings. Thickness of the kit wing at the tip panel line is 11.66mm Chord is 50.79mm Thickness/Chord ratio on Davis B-24 wing at tip - 9.3% So - 9.3% of 50.79mm = 4.72mm - not the 11.66mm measured!! Of course a picture is worth a thousand words (or 2 thousand of mine!), port wing tip: But the real givaway is looking at the tip cross section: I'll be removing about 6mm depth (about half the kit thickness) to make things look a whole lot better - removing the wing strengthening webs, as shown in my previous post, is just the start of that. Of course, the knock-on is the alierons and flaps are too thick and will need fixing too - but let's get the wings sorted first... Right - off to put more stickers on a certain Spitfire. Have fun! Iain
  24. Iain (32SIG)

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    Back to the wings... Wing tips lopped off by cutting along the relevant panel line with a fresh scalpel blade - taking care and multiple passes, the plastic is pretty thick. We'll come back to the tips shortly and concentrate on the main body of the wing just now... Strengthening webs removed completely from the rear half of the lower starboard wing, using Tamiya side-cutters followed up with some coarse sanding boards: Comparison with port-side equivalent: And current gap at rear - this will grow as we still have more material to remove from the upper-surface moulding: But - wing root - shape pretty well sorted now! Note - none of the webs further along have been cut yet - so there is a twist in the wing - this will go as we move down the wing with formers. First image - as kit - with some material removed - behind former: Upper and Lower wing sections wrapped around former - rear upper surface of wing will be straighter once bonded: Better? Iain
  25. Iain (32SIG)

    HobbyBoss 1:32 Liberator GR Mk.VI - RAF Coastal Command

    OK - photos time... Special parts delivery I mentioned earlier? Well, that was a box of 3D printed depth charges suitable for the maritime patrol Liberators, designed and printed by Tim Perry (wunwinglo), Flying Start Models - to an incredibly high standard. Two types - the Mk VIII and Mk XI: Look out for a review of these, and other items soon. These will be available from Tim's website in the near future. Back in a mo... Iain