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    Six Camels!!

    Tried to pre-order two of each plus one Duelist (yes, I know how much that comes to.) Was informed there was only one of each available. Moved on to shipping and found WETA had reverted to the "one kit, one Shipping charge" format so I would get charged $17.70 (to Virginia,) six times and would receive six packages.! I feel a shift to WW2 and Modern Era modeling coming on...at least Sprue Brothers knows how to compute shipping on a multi-item order. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing?
  2. The supports are 15E, 16E, 17E, 18E in step 2. The engine bearers (9D, 12D in step 9) fit into 15E and 16E and rest against the upper ends of 17E and 18E. The angles of 15-16-17-18E are critical if the bearers are to line up with them. Unfortunately you don't find out if you got it right until it's too late. Alcohol and excessive speed may have contributed to my problems...sigh.
  3. Brian - Study the engine and engine mount assembly carefully. There are parts that need to be at a specific angle that have no positive means to insure their correct positioning; specifically the forward and rear engine supports that need to interact with engine bearers later in assembly. Once you get past the engine assembly things get a bit better. I have mine sitting on the Shelf of Doom at the moment due to the mess that I made of the engine.
  4. OldTroll

    Six Camels!!

    Please turn this one off, moderators, before it gets any sillier. After all, WNW is the first model company ever to not deliver a product in the originally announced month or year...
  5. Got mine today (2 kits) from Sprue Brothers. I'll let the "pro" reviewers do their thing but I can say that I am a bit disappointed. I started to assemble the engine and discovered that all the characteristics that Roden has had in the past on the WW1 kits are unfortunately present on this kit. Locator holes and pegs that are not the same size; soft, cheese-like consistency of the plastic; some incomplete mold fills (air intake) and some mold slippage (prop shaft and some engine bits); decals that look like the yellow will be translucent and instruction diagrams that hint at where parts are to go rather than clearly indicating locations/angles. Oddly enough on one of kits the bag containing the sprues had been opened and there were a couple of loose clear parts in the box. The box was factory sealed when I received it so maybe there was a quality issue corrected at the last moment? I did not discover anything missing. All in all, the kit is pretty standard Roden (for better or worse) and will be a challenge to bring to a satisfactory completion IMHO. I am going to try to finish these but will wait for the AOA decals before committing any more effort.
  6. Posted on FB by Lukgraph. "VOUGHT SBU-1 Corsair US NAVY The next release of Lukgraph in 1:32 scale. Box-art and 4 painting schemes in a few days. Very detailed over 120 resin parts kit available in December 2016." Yellow wings are always welcome!
  7. Simply wonderful. The attention to detail really sets this apart. Bravo!
  8. Both the model and the photography are fabulous! Beautiful finish and detailing.
  9. Gorgeous! I'm looking forward to getting my shipping notice.
  10. I asked the question, "Why was my order for three kits split into three separate shipments (and shipping charges?)" The answer was: "In the past Weta's main core of products have been large/oversized polystone collectables. With these they ship in singles. Unfortunately there is no rule/application for items to be combined together unless its a very small items like some jewellery that they also sell. This is currently on the list of things to being looked at, and hopefully soon it will have a fix applied to it." Expressing my concern further, I received the following: "I can understand this too Ron. But I have it high on my list for things that need to be corrected. I can assure you that <there> will be no releases at the moment till everything has been ironed out and all the teething issues have been corrected. The US warehouse is based in Seattle." It looks like we need to wait a bit longer before all is well in WETAville.
  11. Just received confirmation from Dave that there are issues with the projected delivery dates being generated by the WETA site. A fix is in the works.
  12. I suspect this is still a work in progress. I ran a couple trial purchases almost to completion and noticed that UPS shipping from the US warehouse was the same for 1 kit as it was for 3 kits. Delivery date was in late October but UPS delivery is normally 3-5 days even from the West Coast. I think we need to give them a couple more days to get all the connections made before we start bemoaning no new model announcements...I hope.
  13. This is now listed as "available" on their website!
  14. 13 singles plus the Fokker E.III/DH.2 Duelist boxing. So is that 13,14 or15? Not important...back to adding to my last "free shipping" order.
  15. I purchased three and have to say that my castings did not have the roughness of your review sample. If I have any complaint it is that they offer too many great color schemes. I may have to spring for a couple more.
  16. Looking good, Mike. A lot further along than mine. I completed one engine and then got sidetracked by an AT-6 and then got sidetracked by a T-28 and then decided I should finish a WNW DH-9A before starting any new projects...talk about attention deficit.
  17. New photos of kit components are posted on the Lukgraph website.
  18. Well, that's just about as good as it gets! Brilliant build, sir.
  19. I have always used Gunze Mr. Color C058 (Orange-Yellow) for Army/Navy yellow wings. Not the same as the Lemon Yellow used on Navy tails.
  20. Link to the profiles on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009122475726
  21. Great job, Mike! I opted for the late version. BTW, what did you do - buy all of the U.III engines WNW had left?
  22. I have one of each and they look the same to me.
  23. Definitely going to get at least a couple of them. This one should be a big seller for Lukgraph.
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