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  1. Hi Thomas, many thanks for the answer. I never tried multiple runs, I shall do that next time. Instead I tried higher blade settings (8 or 9) but the result wasn't good.. Tanks again Alberto
  2. Hello, sorry to reopen this tread just for one question: how do you set blade and material in your Portrait to cut stirene sheets? I tried several times on 0,2 mm but the best result I obtained was to scratch the surface. Many thanks in advance. Alberto
  3. Hi, thanks for the answer. The lion and the SHINGA aren't too different, here enclosed the layout I prepared for my Phantom in process.
  4. Absolutely wonderful model, it will be of inspiration for the one I'm making myself, but will never be comparable with yours. If you don't mind, I have a question on a little detail: did you did any personal research on the red lion visible on the rudder? Is it just a lion or is it a SINGHA, mythical Thay divinity? Many thanks. Alberto
  5. Good point Kevin, I clearly misunderstood what Bill intended to say. Alberto
  6. Hi, why are you saying that those national marking are unusual? They have been introduced for the first time during WW1, forgotten for nearly 20 years during Fascism and back in use in late 1943 when the Co belligerent Aviation was crated in Southern Italy. Alberto
  7. Many thanks for all nice comments! By the way, I just been told by a friend on an Italian chat dedicated to the "Thunders", that the way HVARS are installed on my model aren't correct for an Italian bird. My goal as modeller was and still is to be as much as possible historically correct, so I wait for documentation from that guy and, very likely, I will modify that detail. So, more pictures to come sometime in the near future. Alberto
  8. A few more. Any comment and/or suggestion to be good for my next model is very well welcome. Alberto
  9. Here following some pictures of my model of an Italian F-84G sporting the insignia of 5 Stormo / 5 Aerobrigata based in Villafranca airport in 1952. Starting in 1952 Italy received 242 Thunderjets that also went to 6 Stormo and 51 Stormo. They ended their service in 1956 when they were scrapped. The kit I used was the one from Hobby Boss in 1:32 scale, with the addition of AMS Resin cockpit en CMK HVAR rockets.
  10. During last weeks I added some weathering to the model that's now ready for inspection, if you like, you can go to the relevant session ad see the pictures, they will be there in few minutes. Hope you will like them Alberto
  11. Hi everybody, this project is now very close to to be complete, I will post pictures very soon. Alberto
  12. Hi Kevin, thanks for your suggestion, it seems OK now. Alberto
  13. Tried with Imageshack, don't know if it worked out. Please let me know Thanks Alberto
  14. https://imageshack.com/i/pn2Tfmv1j https://imageshack.com/i/poMQWHC1j https://imageshack.com/i/pn2Tfmv1j
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