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  1. Hi Steve, If you're planning to convert the kit to a XIV, i would stick with the PCM kit. I am currently doing a XIV conversion using Radu's conversion kit and the Tamiya VIII (same kit as the Tamiya IX but with the retractable tail wheel). There's quite a bit more work needed in making the conversion work with the Tamiya kit. The kit cowl is more rounded compared to the conversion's nose and it's a bit trickly removing the rad cores from the lower wing. You can check my progress in the WIP section. Carl
  2. This way I can work on the wing root a bit easier. I filled the gap with epox putty and with the front removeable, I can check the fit and not have too hard a time adding putty and shaping it. Or at least, that's the plan.
  3. The RB cowl is a bit more square on top compared to the Tamiya fuselage so I added a couple small triangles to help build it up. I sanded the edges down a bit before gluing them and then used Tamiya putty to feather in the rest of the edge.
  4. So I got a bit more done. I decided to cut down the upper part of the engine cowl so I could attach the entire nose as a one piece assembly to the kit firewall. This allows me to remove it from the fuselage so that I can work on filling the gaps.
  5. Hi Ali, Any idea when the 'E' wing conversion will be available for ordering? Thanks, Carl
  6. Here's the final result with the core removed And here's a comparison of the MkVIII rad on the left and the MkXIV one on the right
  7. This photo shows the cuts in the wing after sawing through the ends of the rad cores. They are a lot thinner than they appear in the photo. Again, sorry for the poor photo resolution but my digital camera is nowhere to be found.
  8. After debating whether or not I would even attempt to replace the wing mounted rads with the correct ones, I decided that it would be too obvious if they were not done. I then had a bit of an epiphany. To cut out the rad cores, I used a scribing saw that Hasegawa makes. Basically, it's a piece of photo etched stainless steel with a curved section on it. There are some fine teeth along the curve which are supposed to be used to "saw" new panel lines. With the curved end though, I was able to get into the recess and cut the cores out without damaging the surrounding plastic. It was a bit slo
  9. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to try and get some of those tires. As I mentioned initally, it was seeing your build that made me want to try this. Here's a couple more pics I took. This one shows the gap due to the lower cowl being removeable. I'll most likely use part of the cowl to fill the hole.
  10. Hi Kevin, After I mocked up the nose, I started thinking the same thing. Only problem was I had already cut the tail off to make the replacement one fit. So from that point, there was no turning back. Guess that's what you get for starting from the easy part. Carl
  11. Called a friend who likes computers and he helped with getting the pics up so here's one showing the wing root gap. Sorry for the poor resolution but all I had with me was my Crackberry. Thanks for looking. Carl
  12. Hi folks, This is my first WIP and the first time I've shown a build on any forum. Having read other threads here, I know I can look forward to lots of support to help me through this. After picking up the RB conversion kit and a Tamiya Mk IX, Tamiya released their MkVIII kit. Seeing that the latter kit has the retractable tail wheel and leading edge wing tanks, I decided to use it instead. so much for building a Grey Nurse Spit for now. As the RB conversion was designed with the PCM kit in mind, I've probably made things a bit more complicated for myself but too late now. After a
  13. I have used Japan dryer (not sure if this is the same thing as Liquin) in MM oil paints and it speeds up the drying process quite a bit. You don't need to add much, just a drop or two when mixing for airbrushing. The paint then dries almost as quickly as arylic does. The Japan dryer has a dark blue colour to it but it doesn't seem to change the tint of the paint. I haven't tried it on brush painting though so don't know how it would work there.
  14. Northstar Hobbies in Mississauga, Ontario carries Floquil but I'm not sure what they have in stock. They do have mail order so they might be able to help you out. Carl
  15. My wife may kill me but I've put myself down for 1 too. All those guns in the nose. How can one say no?
  16. I know Harold does a corrected nose for the Revell kit and from what I understand, it was based off the Tamiya nose. So if that's correct, it should be a decent fit.
  17. Thanks for the replies. The main reason I'm thinking of using the Tamiya kit is that it's currently cheaper for me to get it than the PCM one. If only I hadn't already built my PCM kit I know that if I do use the Tamiya kit, I end up not using the lovely Merlin engine included with the kit but maybe I can find it a nice home. What really got me thinking about this was seeing Out2gtcha's build.
  18. Hi folks, I've always liked the lines of the Mk XIV and after noticing that the Zotz decal sheet has markings for the Mk XIV on it, I have decided to try and build one. As the Tamiya kit is on sale (especially with free shipping from HLJ), I am going to use that as the base kit. After seeing all the great builds on this site, I have ordered the conversion kit from Radub (backordered I should say) and will give it a try. In the meantime, I just thought I'd ask to see if anyone has already used the Tamiya kit for the conversion and if so, is there anything extra I should watch out for
  19. Hi Chris, The work you've done looks great. Could you please put me down for 1 as well? thanks, Carl
  20. I found what's left of the TAC scale set- I have the nose and tail cone so PM if you're interested in them.
  21. I think I have the old TAC Scale F4G conversion kit for the Revell kit at home somewhere. I never got around to using it and then bought the CE one for the Tamiya kit. I'll take a look for it and see what I find.
  22. HLJ is showing on their website a photo of the MkVIII and it has the pointed wingtips: http://www.hlj.com/product/TAM60320
  23. HLJ has it on their website for pre-order now with a July release date. http://www.hlj.com/product/TAM60320 The price is a bit higher than their price on the Spitfire IX kit although they have an early bird order discount at the moment.
  24. I think this is the stand you are looking for: http://www.hlj.com/product/LFTFD006V2 I have a couple of them and they work really well.
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