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  1. Hi guys, belated thanks for the kind words. I wish I'd spotted them sooner but know that they are appreciated. Hi Jim, thanks for the gentle nudge on this one. When the topic popped up I saw the start date,.......2009? Oh my! Where did that time go? In answer to your question I'm sorry to tell you that I have n't touched her since the last update. She's not dead, just dormant for now. If I'd realised just how large an undertaking this was going to be I might not have started but I've come too far to let it go now. The thing with this bird is, she takes a huge amount of time and concentration. Recent projects have been much simpler (and possibly, dare I say it?) more enjoyable... It's difficult to deny the satisfaction of seeing a finished model sitting on the shelf so tackling these complex sub-assembies becomes less appealing. Add to that the fact that we're all a few years older now and some of our eyesight and manual dexterity is not as good as it was eight years ago. I may be making excuses but scratch building these teeny, tiny details is n't getting any easier.... With that said, I'll make you a promise. After I've built the ASK 21 for the "Keep it Civil" GB I'll do some more on the Big Turkey. Believe it or not, I'd like to see her finished just as much as you guys Hi Shaka, my most recent builds might suggest otherwise but I got back into modelling by building a string of 1/32nd scale jets. If you do a search (should you be at all interested) you might find a couple of others. The warbirds are a bit of a pleasant distraction but in all honesty my heart still lies with the big kerosene burners. Hi F's are my Faves, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. You and I have very differing modelling styles but I think what you do exceeds my skills by some margin. Keep at it. Hi Peter and Steve, thanks for the gee-up. I'll do my best to bring you guys something before too long although I can't promise that the standard will be the same. I feel I'm a bit rusty when it comes to adding tiny bits of wire and hose to wheel bay interiors. Those warbirds usually only have one brake line on their gear legs. No wonder they're so popular Hi Ian, good to have you along. If you're building a Trumpeter Tomcat and care anything about the way the model looks then the Zactomodel intakes are the minimum you'll need. From what I've seen it builds up into a delightful model with their addition plus there are a few things that are an improvement over this kit. Now, if Tamiya ever brought out a new tool, 1/32nd scale, Grumman F-14A Tomcat to their current stellar accuracy standards, the question becomes, would I ditch this and start again or plough on and simply finish this one? Would n't that be a nice dilemma to have? Cheers.
  2. I think I can already answer that Chuck........very sharp indeed! Nice work on the underside and good catch on the petals around the engine. I shall take note of that. Hope the recovery continues to gathers pace. Cheers.
  3. Hi HL-10, that's a busy looking bird. I can imagine the mottle camouflage took alot of patience but it came out well. Good job. I'm curious, are the swastikas on the tail included on the kit sheet? Cheers.
  4. I have pre-ordered one of the WNW Camels from Hannants. The pre-order has a 10% discount over the RRP so that should go some way towards postage. Interesting comments re:the super kit pricing. For those that add the extra aftermarket stuff to their kits already, what would the sum total run out at by comparison? If one treats themselves to a fist full of aftermarket like HGW belts, Part etch, Taurus(?) engine accessories, Aviattic or Wingkit figure I would have expected the cost to be right up there with the suggested WNW pricing, no? The Camel will be my first (and probably last) WNW model so I'm looking forward to it. Cheers
  5. This will look wicked with those gargantuan wheels and tyres. Cool stuff. Cheers.
  6. Superb bookmarks MARU, thankYOU. Those will be extremely helpful. Duly bookmarked.
  7. Hi, I would urge caution with the kit decals. My experience with Tamiya decals is not good, even with setting and solvent agents. If you can find some aftermarket that you like you may have better results. The Daco decals can be hit and miss. Apparently, later versions of the sheets behave better than earlier editions. I cannot help with how you would find out which is which. I used an early set on one of my Eagles and even with the Daco own brand strong solvent they still would n't work well and took alot of settling down with some slight residual silvering. Danny offered to replace them when I contacted him but the model was already finished. I believe his explanation that later sets are better and I do have some Daco decals waiting in the wings for the F-15C when I finally get it done so don't let my bad experience put you off totally, just proceed with caution HTH Good luck in your search. Cheers.
  8. Hi David, I can imagine seam clean up took quite a while given all of those round section webs and spars. It's worth it though as the boom section looks superb. Nice work. I shall keep my fingers crossed that you can balance out the weight. Cheers.
  9. Please do. Great photos Steve, especially the first one. Cheers,
  10. There's one thing Brian, you should n't have any difficulty finding space for this little gem in your cabinet. Lovely work as usual. Cheers.
  11. Nice progress Martin. The stressed skin is a neat touch. Cheers.
  12. What a fascinating aeroplane Aeropoxy. This is the first time I have seen anything like it and I will be sure to follow your progress to see how you work your magic. (I wonder if his chums called him "Wacky Wagner" back in the day?) Cheers.
  13. Very neat IP Mark, good work mate. Cheers
  14. Thanks Stefan, I hope you enjoy it. Wow Martin! Those photos are perfect. Thank you so much. Where do you find all of this stuff? Hi Mike, good to see you. Glad to hear that the kit is fun. When I get some time I hope to get stuck in. Cheers.
  15. Gotta be one of the sharpest, best presented and popular builds of 2016 though Chuck. Stellar and professional job buddy and a pleasure to see. Thanks for sharing the images here. Cheers.
  16. Outstanding models Florin. The He-111 (were they still called He-111 by the Romanians?) is fabulous. That alone would take most modellers the whole year. The gloss on the Hawk is beautiful. What a great job. The X-1 is also jaw-droppingly good. What a flawless, crisp and finely detailled finish. Thank you for taking the time to share your finished builds. They are all spectacular, well done. Cheers.
  17. Thankyou Peter, not only for the kind words but also for the recommendation of AS-12 for the base silver. A great choice that goes a long way to giving the model the look I was after. Cheers.
  18. Hello Artur, A lovely collection of models. I admire your photography techniques too. The Mustang and the Yak in particular could pass for the real things. Good job. Cheers.
  19. Hello Emil and welcome to LSP That is a smart, artistic representation of a Spitfire. You have clearly taken alot of time and patience over the application of the weathering. Are you also an armour modeller by chance? It is a pleasure to view your model. Good job. Cheers.
  20. That is a tremendous model. Very nice indeed. Well done sir. Cheers.
  21. Very kind words and much appreciated Maurice, thanks. Thanks for posting the article on the homepage Kev. You managed to make it look very nice, thanks.
  22. Hi everyone, Since we don't get to see many of these gliders built I'll begin this project with some sprue shots if I may? Please forgive the poor photography. As it turns out, white sprues are rather difficult to light consistently and well. The kit consists of four main sprues in white plastic plus one clear sprue with the two canopies. I shall begin by following the instructions which are the typical Revell style. The cockpits are the first stages. Here is a look at the two IPs. Front: Rear: And the pilot/student (passenger?) buckets Front: Rear: By luck more than judgement I've managed to make the seat belt and seat cushion detail apparent in the two images above. In fact, it is really quite soft..... First steps will be to see what it looks like under paint. It's difficult to tell from looking at the white plastic how it will turn out. I'll keep you posted. Cheers.
  23. Hi Stefan, Why not build both? Whichever you decide to build, it's good to see you in the GB. Have fun. Cheers.
  24. Hi Richard, Firstly, I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about Peter and Airscale. If only everything in life was as good. Now, onto your questions. You will definitely need to apply these to the front of the clear part rather than the rear. The Airscale decals are printed in the conventional way, the Tamiya IP decals are printed in reverse with the print on the adhesive side of the decal. Ideally, you would punch each instrument decal out of the whole sheet and apply them individually. Some cross-referencing may be necessary because I think Peter might include a number of different styles of some instruments. Also, be aware that these are sized generically so may not fit exactly to the Tamiya dials. If you were building an IP from scratch you would use the etched bezels on top of the decal and punch out a circle of clear acetate for the glass. My experience of the way these Airscale decals behave is very positive. When they have cured a drop of your favourite clear gloss (Future or the like) will create the illusion of glass. HTH Cheers.
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