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Look who's back - Pheon Decals joins the Aviattic.com line up

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We felt you might like this ... Pheon Decals joins the Aviattic.com line-up
Inspired not only by concern that it would be sad to see it disappear for early aviation modelers … but also by way of tribute to Rowan Broadbent and to continue his legacy ... something he has been passionate about all his life despite medical grievance. Over the last months we have been working with Sabine to arrange sth she feels comfortable with so we are happy to have her blessing.
Starting now, all sets which are not out-of-production are available for preorder and October dispatch. That’s close to 60 SKUs (31 1/32s, 22 1/48s and 6 1/72s). Whereas Sabine still needs to confirm actual quantities, I know that for some of them there were only a few left. An opportunity to grab your chance.
Available here
Further and beyond, we will also be looking at options for reprinting the OOPs although that’s not a guarantee nor a promise. (yes yes, I know … those Belgian Camels ;-))
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