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Duke Hawkins - edition 28 - F-5 Tiger II & Freedom Fighter

Nic C.D.

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Going to the printers later this week, is the 28th book in the Duke Hawkins series: a 140 page book on the F-5.




The first 108 pages of the book are dedicated to the F-5 E/F/N Tiger II. The second part of the book is a large 32 page chapter on the F-5 A/B Freedom fighter. We made a huge number of photos of the different types from many air forces. These include the US Navy, US Marines, the airwings of Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Austria, Venezuela, Norway, Turkey, Bahrein, South Korea, Canada and Spain. Even the Sa'eqeh - the Iranian modification with two vertical tails - is included in this book.




The book is packed with photos of the jets both in detail and in action. Most of these were from US and Swiss operated jets.






There are two chapters in this book on the cockpit. The first shows the cockpits of the E and N single seat versions and the front and back seat cockpits of the F, while the second chapter in the back shows cockpits of the single seat F-5A and the two-seat F-5BM as it flies in service with the Spanish Air Force. Both types of the ejection seat are shown in great detail as well, which will help those looking forward to add detail to the upcoming 1/32 scale F-5E/F kits.




Nothing is overlooked: fuselage, landing gear, vertical tail, speed brakes, etc. As usual, an extensive maintenance chapter is included.




I always liked the F-5E and when the Kitty Hawk kit was released, I had a lot of fun building it. Some of the photos we already made, helped to add detail to the cockpit - especially the area behind the ejection seat. Here's a photo of the finished kit:




The new book will be available in a few weeks from your preferred book or hobby shop. It will be released at the same time as our 29th book in the series. This one is on a jet of which unfortunately no 1/32 scale kit is available. Then again, even in 1/48, it still is a BIG model: the Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback


Hopefully, you will like the two new books!





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Thanks for the comments!


It really helps to make these books if you build models or think like a modeler. I often come across details while photographing an aircraft and think "model company X did a really good job with their model". Although, just as much I think the opposite and wonder how to correct a kit. I'm quite sure that when the F-5E and F-5F in 1/32 will be available again, I'll build them and pay more attention to some details, like the wheel bays or the nose of the jet. 


The book on the Su-34 is special in a different way. I don't think that a portrait of the jet this up-close has been made before. And it shows some details that almost all model companies have wrong! 


For those that are in the neighborhood, we'll present the new books at the KMK Scaleworld Modelshow in Geel, Belgium on the 21st of May. 



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