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Op Telic Tornado

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Nice work Scott, I'll be attentive to this thread.

On 3/3/2023 at 1:23 PM, Dave Williams said:

How were you able to order from them?  I’d love to get their 1/32 TERMA pods.

Dave you can also contact us though email: jetpassionscalemodels@gmail.com for details.


We have just started to dispatch 32023 RECCE TORNADO GR1A / GR4A Conversion Set worlwide.






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I'm still moving along slowly .....

The intake components are no fun ......I'll take another approach to this area on my next Tornado build.

No need to build the engines as I'm using the ResKit exhausts and they will just slide into position at the end of the build.

The top spine panel is just there checking for fit issues.

I need to build the wings as they need to be installed (screwed) into position next.




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