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How about a corrected 1/32 A-7 canopy?


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2 hours ago, Starfighter said:

I love your stuff Ali - just a heads up: Reskit is working on a revised exhaust section and chances are high they will also do a corrected intake and canopy. Just to avoid you waste any resources... 

Hi Be thanks for the heads up, I have wanted to do this for ages but just not got around to doing it. I may still do a canopy and nose set though, as Reskit can be quite expensive and their set does not make me any money, anyway time will tell.

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6 hours ago, Mark P said:

Not sure that Reskit casts in clear.


Mark Proulx


If they do it may be a plastic mould, à la F-111 correction/upgrade set.


If not, I'm in for two resin A-7 canopy sets. Have two SLUFs on the go which are stalled because I don't wanf to tackle the Zacto vacforms. 



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