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Has anyone found alternative B25 carb intakes in 1\32 anywhere?

Captain Boogaloo

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Hello Red dog,

That is some great work on your B25; awesome job! Thanks for showing me the way to do the carb intakes - beautiful rendition of a complicated part. Do you take commission for decals? I'd like Sally B in metal finish as Ginger Rogers when she flew in LWT's tv series 'We'll Meet Again'. Please let me know if that's something you could help me with.

Thanks again!

Blue Skies!

Captain Boogaloo

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20 hours ago, aircommando130 said:

That is a great job on the new carb intake. People have said the cowl opening

isn't big enough either . Has anybody done a way to sand it bigger diameter? 

I really like the big B-25. I have an Air Apache Strafer to build.



There’s an article on LSP how someone did this. 

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