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What is your Quest? Airbrushing Future/Pledge Floor Gloss...


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I had tried everything I could think of over the last several years to get Future/Pledge to airbrush consistently smooth.

My original reference was the Swanny's Models article all about it.

Sadly, the link seems to be defunct today:     https://www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html


I tried Isopropyl Alcohol, Windshield washer fluid, distilled water, Simple Green, and maybe even Mr Color leveling thinner.

All of them gave inconsistent results.  The results were sometimes rough/pebbly and sometimes it would crawl and pool up on me.


So, recently, I swore I would stop trying and use clear coats made for models going forward....but I'm a cheapskate!

I tried one more time!

I used this flow aid at about 30-40% ratio and it airbrushed/atomized well.  The result was really smooth and nice...smelled good too!


I'll let you know if the results are repeatable but I'm encouraged to try again.  I bought this stuff at a craft store, Michael's.



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On 7/5/2022 at 10:13 PM, Dave Williams said:

I’m confused.  Do you mix it with Future, or just use the Liquitex by itself?

Hi, I used it as a mix with the Future.  My first experiment was about 30-40% Liquitex.  John S. says he got good results with only 10-20%

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18 hours ago, Rick Stone said:

I seek the Holy Grail.   Not sure where all this other discussion comes from, but based on the question asked in the thread title, seeking the Holy Grail can be the only correct answer! :D



LOL!  What is your favorite color?


Airbrushing Future smoothly has been my Grail for quite some time.  Although other clear coats for models are more available I never (almost) gave up seeking the Grail.

Now that I have the "White whale"...I may be able to move on now to another clear gloss...

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