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How much would you sell your built kits for?


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5 hours ago, LSP_K2 said:


Yep, definitely photograph them. I have photos of almost all of my long gone stuff.


I do have lots of pics and most were do in group builds. Brother said the painters dad favors WWII planes, so he can have those. P-38 is my favourite.




Second is my recent P-51




Maybe i'll keep these two.



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After reading this string, I think I share a similar view to all of you almost. When selling ANY BUILT MODEL related to this hobby there are always variables;


- what do I have invested in the kit?

- does it matter what I have invested in it?

- how much sentimental value do I place in it?

- what is the buyer's value of the kit?

- what will eventually happen to it if I would not sell it or give it away?

- wouldn't any kit be better in the hands of somebody who appreciates it versus eventually being destroyed?

- am I really doing this as a business or as a hobby?

- if you build as a hobby, isn't it really nothing more than time and money exchanged for the joy of the build and the end result?



As for me, I would 99% of time give a completed model to somebody who really wanted it and not sell it to them, especially if the person or family have some kind of connection with the actual 1:1 item (especially if it's veterans or their families).  In other instances, I would normally give an unbuilt kit to a new builder just to further promote the hobby. I still have just a hand full of builds over my 55 years of building that I would not want to part with along with a few key ones in the stash, but everything else, meh.  



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