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New airscale products - RAF, Luftwaffe & USAAF Seatbelts in 1/32 & 1/24


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Hello again everyone :)


Pleased to announce the launch of another new range of products which are availabe now


Seatbelts for RAF, USAAF and Luftwaffe aircraft in both 1/32 and 1/24 priced at £6.95 and £7.25


RAF here

USAAF here

Luftwaffe here


  • Simulated fabric & twill seat harnesses.

  • Laser cut paper representing the straps & harnesses.

  • Laser cut card representing the leather protective padding.

  • Etched nickel silver and brass parts representing the buckles & hardware

  • Assembly required

..here are details on the 1/24 sets for example..


Luftwaffe 1/24







RAF 1/24






and USAAF 1/24






I hope you like them :)





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Thank you Peter, you've answered my prayer to fill the yawning gap left by the apparent demise of the RB productions belts....the best by far, and I'm sure yours will be equally successful.

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interested in the 1/24 iteration…

forgive my lack of knowledge but is the QK suitable for Hurricane I or II?


if not, I am wondering what kit it is produced for?






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I have just received a set of 32nd Luftwaffe belts and as ever another superb release from Peter, hopefully these will be a popular seller and maybe Airscale could go as far as lapbelt sets as well at some point? 


I will be using my belt set on my build which will be a 109 G-6.


Regards. Andy 

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