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Disappearing WW2 vets


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I recently posted this thread..



The heroes  and War Veterans are of both wars are losing their battle to live as they get older.


Near ME  (literally opposite MY home) there is a WWII veteran who  turned 98  or  was it 99 in January. 

From time to time I see him out on his own going shopping , or going to local church for a social event..


He is still active and his mind is sharp  and alert.

He is a very dignified,    kind  and thoughtful person when he talks about his time during WWII and the allies etc.

May he live long. 


Good thread.



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On 2/1/2022 at 2:08 PM, pappy1 said:


Well I probably should have clarified my statement I unlike most people consider all people of the earth as one (especially since it was a 

World War I guess I should have listed each country involved during the 1938 through 1945 war all vets be they allied,or axis)

They (the vets )all have valuable and interesting information that will soon be gone.

I am aware of the covid problem also, but I have seen somethings by different groups (no not 100 year old veterans) where they have done 

some get togethers online and face time although on a small scale.

I know that the U.S. Airforce museum is planning a 15th. Airforce heavy bomb groups, symposium in September. The screening to get in is strict and there may

not be any WW2 vets(from any countries) there unless they possibly live 

in the general area.

I thought if anyone new something it might be someone

from LSP sorry if I ruffled someone’s feathers,but I really don’t recall mentioning any country ,I felt that by saying our vets , anyone reading the post would think of their own vets or ones that they had known.


Have a a nice day     Pappy1

I think the vast majority of people who read your post understood the implication that this was a global statement, not related to any particular nation. No offense was taken here either.

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Here's a guy that's a pretty famous WWII veteran who just turned 100 - Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson (DOB 1/13/1922).  I don't keep track of  many of these vets; he's been in my mind since I read his book several years ago.

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Actually  WW2 was a kind of  a legacy to me, being a son of a polish soldier who was a member of the polish 2nd army division directed by general Anders after  going through being imprissoned by the russian army and lateron via Iran turning out to be the most devastating force battling the Monte Cassino event.


Passed away in 1982, i'm still feeling his way of being here, since my son is surely having  his way of doing and thinking about things!!!



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Ok guys. I would love som help here. Do anyone know the name of this german POW or where can i find information about him? And do anyone have some info on the AC he was flying? 



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