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Guppy Fortress in Korea, 1953

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Not technically a B-17, but a PB-1W AEW aircraft.   PB-1Ws were late-model B-17Gs that eventually were stripped of all armament. This will fit beautifully with my clubs Korean War theme for our 2020 contest.  I’m gathering what few references I can find on the planes, three of the VW-1 birds flew from Atsugi in early 1953 including the only airframe to have the radome mounted on top.

Aside from the VW-1 website and the B-17s In Blue book which I have, photos are few and far between. What’s the chance that someone reading this know of photos of the interior of these planes?


Dont count this for the monthly raffles, Admins, I am working on another large project right now which may take me through the end of the year.  But for the time being I would love to see if anyone here is able to provide any assistance as I plan out the build.


 I’m leaning towards building TE-7 with the roof-mounted radome as she was briefly flying out of Korea itself.  The radome will be designed in CAD and printed at home. The B-17G kit is en route to me along with a few aftermarket items, now I just need time!


Cheers guys,





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