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Need help with paint masks...

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I need help with custom made paints masks. I have a started 1/32 Hasegawa Ki-84 Prototype

which I've converted to a regular version - the parts are in the kit so that was no big deal. However,

I do only have the kit markings for the prototype and I would like to finish her in these markings:




I've enlarged the decal sheet from this 48scale kit by 150% to get a templat to cut my own masks. But,

I miserably failed with the tail number "69" :unsure: - I don't have a cutter, I work carpenter style from Tamiya 

tape and very sharp blade, so understandably I cannot handle curves. Any idea where to find someone

to do the "69" mask (see No. 9):




Any hint or help would be highly appreciated.



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Have you checked with Montex? I used their masks for painting mine, see link in my signature.


Check Maketar also, they made some custom masks for my cougar a year ago. However, you may have to provide them with a broken down drawing, most companies will not re-create other companies artwork.

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