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1/32 Bomb Trolley with 8000lb 'Cookie' Blockbuster


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Our new kit the 'E' Type Bomb Trolley with the 8000lb 'Cookie' Blockbuster is now available to go with the HK/WNW Avro Lancaster Kit, it's a resin kit with all the master parts produced by 3D CAD and CNC machining, the research was all done at our local museum and extensive measuring of the Trolley and the 'Cookie' on site.

The Link to purchase is :- http://iconicair.com/8000lb/

Regards Graham

48518891852_75dc833959_k.jpg8000lb Version by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr

48518896157_6dce4421d9_b.jpgIconicair 8000lb Cookie Trolley 002 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr

48518899742_006714cd29_b.jpgIconicair 8000lb Cookie Trolley by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr

48518902147_f7dc278839_b.jpgIconicair 8000lb Cookie Trolley 004 by uniquenarrowgauge, on Flickr

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4 hours ago, Artful69 said:

Graham ... are you going to have some sort of tractor available eventually?


Rog :)

Still working on it but occasionally I have to launch an interim kit for Oxygen( Cash) the DB Tractor will be the end of the month and the Tallboy end of September. If anyone knows how to get the message out there I'm all ears.


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Please release the trolley with a collection of suitable bombs/carrier racks and shackles when the opportunity arises.

Looking forward to the DB tractor too!!

Keep 'em coming! :) 

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