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Anthony in NZ

1/48 TA-4K Hasegawa

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Hi all


Matt (HamfistsNZ) has asked me to post a commission build I completed about a couple of years ago for a good friend of mine.  I am working on an In-flight 'K' at the moment for him, but am busy sorting the cockpit and pilot out.  Wings are done as are many other bits. I'll post a pic later on after the owner sees them first.


In the meantime, here is the 75th Anniversary Gold Skyhawk the RNZAF painted up especially for the celebrations.  This has all the Aires detail sets 'shoehorned' in, incl wheel bays, gunbays, avionics bays...the list goes on.  All the stripes were masked and sprayed as the Model Alliance ones were thick and wouldn't conform...what a nightmare job painting all those stripes on the fragile gold...and getting them in the correct place!  This build really challenged me with putting everything aftermarket in that was available and the paintjob, I also had my friend Pete do some custom decals to sort some errors out.


NEVER AGAIN!   However it felt very special to do it for my good friend Jono.


I didn't take many pics....














And finished...



She was kept sparkling clean by her crew, so no real weathering.  Satin finish not gloss, which is hard to achieve a realistic finish without looking like a toy


Cheers and thanks for looking!


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I’ve just started painting my build of the same thing. Went with Tamiya gold lacquer decanted from the spray can and it’s a very hardy finish. The masking is a major PITA alright. Funny thing is, Pete probably used the artwork I sent him years ago, after I discovered how inaccurate the whole Model Alliance sheet is, and so drew it all up myself.



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Oops sorry I missed your comments guys...


Appreciate all the nice comments, Yeah Craig that MA sheet is a mess, even the nose stripes are all wrong.  I am glad I fixed it all and the main thing is Jono is happy like me!

Devo & Shawn, thanks guys, the gold used was the Mr Color one, the pigment is just so incredibly fine and you see no fleck or sparkle in the finish which was what I wanted.




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