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Resurrection! Tamiya 1/12 Caterham Super Seven BDR

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Having driven a Seven on a driving day a couple of years ago, all I can say is unbelievably scary if you floor it.


Great fun to do doughnuts though......

Yeah, the power to weight ratio and crazy amounts of grip are impressive. My summer car is an opera singer shy of coming close to the weight of a Seven but I don't have anywhere near the horsepower.

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What is it with the weird slant of the front wheels on the box illustration ? I don't remember ever seeing a Caterham with this ...


Anyway, nice resurrection :popcorn:



Thanks Hubert! It's the angle of the picture I took that makes the camber look so high. It's not like that nor is the kit fortunately.

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I didn't work on the Seven as much as I'd hoped to this week but still have some progress to show.


I decided to add some power wires to the battery. I drilled out the terminals and used copper colored wire. I then painted the majority of the wires in black and red to mimic the insulated covering.




I don't too much will be seen as it's mounted low in the engine bay.




The oil can was originally chromed plastic but had some bug seam lines on it so I repainted using the new Tamiya lacquer paint.




Installed in the engine bay:




Next up, I added some outstanding wires and plumbing to the engine and then it was its turn to go into the bay.





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A view of the under side :




I then assembled the headers and exhaust pipe. I debated doing some heat staining effects but decided against them.




The pedal assembly and box are next up. They get attached to the upper frame.




The rad and oil cooler were painted and assembled.




This went onto the front, after the upper frame was installed.




The horns I painted blue based on a photo a friend took of a Seven engine bay.


The oil lines were attached to the cooler. They're a textured plastic that doesn't seem to be glue friendly.



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Tamiya makes the air filters out of separate brass mesh and stamped metal end bits.




With one assembled. They even have a K&N logo stamped into them.






The spidery looking thing is my replacement for the distributor and spark plug wires. That was one of the few kit parts I did lose.


With both in place.





The dash is up next. Once I get it done. :)



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