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Resurrection! Tamiya 1/12 Caterham Super Seven BDR

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I finally decided on a color for the headlight buckets. I thought about chrome but was concerned it w ukdnt match the trim rings. Next up was purple like the fenders. I finally went with black as per the instructions. I used the new Tamiya lacquer paint for this. I'm really liking it. Thins and sprays really well, dries fast with a nice gloss too.




Assembled and attached to the fender stalks.




They were then attached to the chassis and then the front nose cone.






Next up was the front fenders.







The front wheels bolted on,





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A touch of perspiration, a dash of hard work, pinch of astute research, a sprinkling of admirers has you turning out a GORGEOUS, Superb looking Caterham Super Seven BDR which I think is absolutely FABULOUS.


:wow: :clap2: :yahoo:


Thank you for a lovely build... and dontcha forget those glamor photos please. Thank you.


KUDOS :bow: :bow: :bow:

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