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Trumpeter's SBD-1 UPDATE: 2/18/18: THE GEAR: DONE

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Squadron Commanders Aircraft VMB-2

Quantico, Virginia 1940

The Introduction:

Time to get back in the saddle, hit the bench and finally get something actually built. When I built the Mossie, my goal was to try my hand again at the contest trail and for one reason or another, the Mossie never made it to the contest tables I've had the Dauntless in my humble stash for years but never seemed to get around to building the kit.

This spring, April to be exact, the regional IMPS Noreastcon will be held on Long Island and I would finally enter and see how I'm doing. I would devote my energies time to building a single contest model and once again take aim at the Aircraft Box Stock category. Rules are pretty simple and clear: the model has to be built as per the kit – no after market of any kind. The only exceptions allowed: change of decals and scheme, bi-Planes may be rigged, exhausts and machine guns can be drilled out and thats it. If the kit does not come with seatbelts, simple tape belts may be added but none purchased commercially. No slicing or dicing, no corrections or modifying – you build what is in the box, simple as that and the instructions must be placed with the model for the judges. .

I thought this would be a wonderful category for the Trumpeter 1/32 SBD-1 Dauntless. What I didn't like about the kit, I had to live with: rubber tires, no adding AM PE or resin. No extras and no added details. So my plan was pretty well set: I would build the Dauntless pre-war, US Marine using Yellowhammer decals, correcting the markings and colors with their decals. One point of importance is that you do not have to follow the manufactures painting guide and can alter the finish as you want. My Dauntless would be finished and carry the paint scheme of the era. I've spent much time researching the colors and finish; inside and out:

Interior: Aluminum Lacquer paint, black IP and radio gear: will be represented with AK Aluminum over Mr Color Gloss black and then toned down with MRP Semi Gloss Clear.

Exterior: Aluminum Lacquer fuselage: same as the interior as Navy aircraft were not polished aluminum but wore an aluminum lacquer paint to protect the aircraft against salt water and sea air corrosion.

Yellow Wings: Mr Color #329.

I would see what I could do with the rubber tires but the rules say: they stay!

The Yellowhammer decals would correct markings and be my painting guide.

I have a few B&W photographs of this exact aircraft, which greatly helps in marking placements and interior colors in a book I've had since 1967:

“Dive and Torpedo Bombers a Sentry Bookâ€

well, that's the game plan and the course to follow.

Just a few customary photos of the kit and the box contents








Yellowhammer Decals Placement sheet.  My Dauntless is the Commander's Aircraft at the top.




Thanks for checking in


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"Douglas SBD Dauntless: Detailed Walk Around".





Part 1( one of 5 parts. At end of each page click next to go to next set of articles and set of photos).




Drawing SBD Dauntless





WINGS PALETTE - Douglas SBD Dauntless/A-24 Banshee - USA..click on smaller pic to expand. Click on it again to revert back to thumbnail!





WINGS PALETTE - Douglas SBD Dauntless/A-24 Banshee - USA






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