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Hasegawa Ki-84 Hayate Type KOU, 182nd Shinbu Tai

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Hello Again all. Seeing this new group build posted inspired me this morning to go through the stash and look at all of the started projects that I have, and honestly try to remember why I put them on the "Shelf of Doom". There are way too many abandoned projects in my "hangar".......

This Hasegawa Frank was started somewhere in 2012/ 2013, and was relegated to the unfinished pile for reasons I can no longer remember. Looking over the kit and it's contents, I had gotten fairly well along with it, having the main airframe built and all of the seams filled with CA. It looks like I will need to rescribe some lost detail, and fill a few sink marks I have not noticed before. I was building it out of the box, as a break from some other heavy projects I had on the go. I was close to breaking out the airbrush, but did not get the last 10% of the prep work done. Here is a photo of what I pulled out of the box this morning.....


It looks like I have some seam work to take care of on the nose, some rescribing of panel lines around the seams, a few ejector pin marks on the gear, and finish fitting the flaps in the retracted postion.

Looking forward to diving in later today.


THOR    :ninja:

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Come on Thor, whip that puppy into shape.  We both have a thing for Japanese fighters and the Ki-84 was probably the best one the rising sun had in WWII.  Remember I built the Doyusha kit years ago?  With a little effort you can push this one across the finish line, I'm rootin' fer ya!!

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