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Tamiya 1/32 P-51D Mustang - "Bunnie / Miss Kentucky State", Ca

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I'll be the first to say, nicely done!  I like your take on the weathering.  Not overly done, and very subtle.


Hi M:


Thanks for that - much appreciated.


Wow, wow, WOW! Awesome build!  I would love to see closeups of the metal finish and how you achieved it!


Hi S:


I've had the privilege of being a reviewer with Airfix Model World for some four years now. A self-imposed m/o dictates that I try to convey the simplest solution for an effective result, whether that's fit related issues or finishing paint. 

In this instance, I'd like to introduce Michael Harding oil colours. Everyone is familiar with Winsor & Newton but the greater likelihood is Michael Harding is a new name on the block. His hand ground pigments are not cheap and special colours are eye-wateringly pricey. Standard colours however, are very affordable. I favour them for the hand ground fineness of the pigments; this translates into creamy washes, without the granularity of more mass produced products. It was this characteristic that came to the fore in weather the fuselage 'metal' of "Bunnie".

The base coat is ordinary aluminium Alclad II. The fuselage was held on its side (I was wearing latex free gloves) and small amounts of a moderate Lamp Black wash dabbed on the surface and allowed to spread over the surface, into engravings and around detail. A few inches were treated at a time and adjacent areas were similarly discoloured as those that preceded 'went off'. With the port side tackled a gloved finger and chisel brush was dabbed here and there to manipulate the unsealed oil staining. A light mist of Klear (Future in the US) sealed the oils and the process repeated on the starboard side, then the lowers, uppers, ailerons and flaps. Klear sealed the first overall staining and once dry the whole things was repeated a second time. This was felt to be enough and light misting of Klear sealed the deal.        


Very nicely done, sir!

Funny little things tend to catch my eye; in this case I really like the paint treatment you gave to the rubber bladder tanks behind the seat. Really quite convincing.


Marc B.


Hi Marc - Thanks. In line with the simple m/o mentioned above, the rubber 'bloom' was represented by a thin Zinc White oil wash from the Michael Harding range, lightly dabbed on Tamiya XF-69 and poked about with that gloved finger.  


WOW, thats so realistic. Great job!!


Cheers S!


Eye popping for all the right reasons! Love it, cockpit, wings, drop tanks, overall weathering! 


Thanks C  :D


Spledid my man utterly splendid


Much appreciated Mark!


Wonderful. :)




perfect finish Steve, really like it.




Thanks for that Jan.  :)

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Wow, that really is special! Welcome aboard, by the way.






Thanks for that Kev - and the kind welcome.


Picture perfect.  Very nice.





Cheers M!


Absoluteley cool...., great job, man!


Hi R - thanks for that. 


Excellent work! I have my own 51' to do, exactly at these marks. I hope that could be at least a percent of yours! I loved the interior, especially!


Much appreciated T - wish you well with your '51!


Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing the info and your spectacular build!


Cheers, Tom


Thanks Tom - I'm grateful to you.


That looks great, and I like way that you have handled the weathering on a silver/NF finish.






Thanks Dennis!


Looks good! Very well done. :thumbsup:




Very nice build, looks like real metal!



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Magnificent! One of the best Mustang models I've seen.


Thanks for that R.  :)


Looks lovely indeed. Congrats on a fine model!




I think you really nailed the look of the Aluminium-painted wing!


I'm glad Roscoe got to see it done.




Thanks Dave. Yes, me too on the Roscoe front.




stunning mustang !! well done 



Cheers Pascal.  :)

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WOW, i am so inspired  by this build, i just bought myself the 1/32 Tamiya kit. got to get cracking after my current build. Thanks again, hope it would come out as good as yours

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Guest Martinnfb

Finally a Mustang with a beaten ww2 warrior look, the breakdown of the NMF is realistic and puttied wing looks spot on. Very inspirational , thank you for that. Also than you for sharing the exciting and sad moments related to communication with Roscoe. Very cool !




PS: welcome to the forum :)

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An absolutely brilliant piece of modeling. The final finish is fantastic, and most eye catching. I enjoyed the connection with the pilot as well, great stuff.





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Guest Peterpools

One terrific Mustang. So very well done.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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