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SA 321 Tzir'a


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Thank you for the kind words. Small update tonight: I have sharpened the camo definition and finished painting the two rotors. Lots of masking but it was worth it even if there are still some touch-ups to do. I have also shot a coat of future. Next steps: some metallic paint (alclad) on certain areas (exhaust) and some panels, decal and weathering plus some small details to paint and add (door handle, antennas, etc.) This one is getting close.






Thank you for watching.



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I decaled the bird today. Very few decal actually since to my knowledge there is no stencils for a SA 321. The Magen David comes from a Sky's decals IAF helicopters set, which covers all recent IAF Helicopters: Cobra, Apache, Huey, Blackhawk and Defender, but of course not the SA 321. I will definitely reuse this sheet when I get to do my Revell Apache as an Israeli bird and some day a UH-60L. The Israeli Air Force  and winged sword decals come from Sky decals 1/48 C-130 Entebbe Raiders. Since these particular decals would not be used for modeling the C-130 in its Entebbe raid livery, I used them for my Tsir'a. At least I think it looks good. I also painted some panels and the exhausts with Alclad (iron and airframe aluminum). Getting there. Here are some pictures of where I stand





Thanks for watching.



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And it is done. I just post a few pics now and hope to get my photo gear in order to post better pictures but here she is:





I have kept weathering to a minimum with the exhausts shadowed with Tamyia smoke and Flory sand wash on the lower part of the fuselage. Overall it has been a very enjoyable build and I dare to say that this kit does not really show its age (40 years plus). I love the tri-tone camo and I see more Israeli birds in my future as I have stashed kits and aftermarket for a SUFA, a F-15I and a A-4 and I would love to do an IAF phantom. I hope we would do a IAF group build in the future or a middle east group build so as to get some Syrian and Egyptian migs in the mix.


Thank you for following this build.



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I got my second kit of this with the 3 color box art.  I'm wanting to build the IAF 3 color camo and the solid brown color.  I'm looking for detail photos, especially of the interior. If you have some useful shots, please email or post here.

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