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  1. I'm trying to remember what modern plane resembles it well. My only memories are what the US Army used for the (Super Kings and the like) Guardrail system. It was filled with various electronic systems which allowed Guardrail ops on the ground to collect SIGINT of all types, data and voice as well as DF capability. I really enjoyed, as a USAF assigned to collect with it. Best bang for the buck for all systems like that.
  2. Most of my aircraft models are 1/32 from various manufacturers, including Tamiya. Most of my rotary wing models, in fact except for a few 1/48, are 1/35. So, while I understand what's already been said in this thread, what I really want to know is which is larger, 35 or 32? I don't have the same models in different scales.
  3. Only thing I see wrong with your work is that it's way too clean. Real ones would be covered in oil and dirt
  4. Reminds me of the early A-10s euro camo a bit. I was sad they didn't keep some in that scheme and some in grey. Never know when the ground will not be sand.
  5. Looking at the one kit that I mention, the one from Mk. 1. Designs, the price is almost identical. Good source for parts for sure.
  6. I didn't search to see if anyone had already purchased and built, and if you have please tag this post. I bought the 1/24 Airfix kit when it first came out. At the time and for a long while, no aftermarket bits have been available for it. However, there is now at least one that I know of from Mk. 1 Designs. It's quite extensive, but if you're not careful you'll pay a bundle for it. I have seen it for just over $140 with just around $10 shipping from Hong Kong to some guy figured to make a retirement contribution at over $300. It has some very nice items in the kit which will really deta
  7. https://theaviationist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/F-35-helmet-LM.jpgIf anyone can tell me how, I have a complete set of the helmet photos I will post. Left: https://theaviationist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/F-35-helmet-LM-4.jpg Back: https://theaviationist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/F-35-helmet-LM-3.jpg Right: https://theaviationist.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/F-35-helmet-LM-2.jpg
  8. First of all, sorry for posting in the wrong area to start. My intent was to let Gary know that it was out and maybe a heads up on whatever upgrades he'd been thinking of, if any. I've been seeing a number of the non-chromate green aircraft going through build up. MrP has that color too, along with the two greys and the Have Glass. All the zig zag areas are black in pre paint. And they also are going to need to be sanded level before any paint work. They are not high, but way too high to paint that way. I saw one video on you tube that indicated you can leave the fuel port door open and lea
  9. Trumpeter kit 03725 is due out soon. 17634697_1260432917338305_9098815410433317470_n.jpg
  10. Lucky Models of Hong Kong is shipping them. I have one just cleared customs and is heading to me. The reason I posted the original post in GT Resin is because Gary makes the best stuff. I didn't think of posting in Large Scale. Mea culpa.
  11. Italeri came out with their F-35 almost two weeks ago, and I have my kit already. The kit is very nice. Parts are sharp and crisp with very few errors. Most of the detail of the kit is in the exhaust pointy vanes, unlike previous aircraft turkey feathers. Due to the cockpit really not having much in the way of detail in real life, the model kit is kinda spartan...accurate but not much in the way of details at all. The real throttle, for example, looks like a blob of black plastic with a few buttons attached. It already has the nickname of "cow flop". Typical throttle design it is not. (Fr
  12. I got my second kit of this with the 3 color box art. I'm wanting to build the IAF 3 color camo and the solid brown color. I'm looking for detail photos, especially of the interior. If you have some useful shots, please email or post here.
  13. I recently bought the Frelon kit on ebay for what I thought was fairly cheap, $40.00. It was sold as used but only 192/193 in two parts were missing. Any idea what 192 and 193 are exactly?
  14. Good jobs on all the parts Babs. Did you ever look at the F-15I conversion kits available from IsraCast (32019) and Wolfpack (32022) ? I haven't decided which to use in my E to I conversion. What I need to do is sit down and count the pieces of each, then compare them to see which I want to use The Wolfpack kit has a lot more pieces. We have no way of knowing what the I cockpits really look like other than the use of black as the interior color. They report it went to black to cut back on spurious shiny flashes when night flying. One other major (?) difference are the twin rear booms at th
  15. Superb. Have you built the IAF RF-4E too?
  16. Hi guys. The IAF indeed used the Mk IXe in large numbers. But the IAF commander didn't like the clipped wingtips on his personal Commander's bird, so he had it rewinged with what I think were Mk. V series wings. The wings now have what appear to be two guns per side, set just inboard of center wing. The outside gun's barrel is longer by a bit than the inboard gun. The wings of the real bird are not clipped but are not the very very pointed wings either. I have the Heritage kit inbound. So, what I should probably be asking then is which 1/24 kit I should use? Not buying anything unt
  17. I'm working on getting together the parts and stuff to build the 1/24 Scale Airfix Supermarine Spitfire. The kits are readily available. I was able to find a long out of production Heritage Aviation resin conversion set over in the UK. It will be here in a couple of weeks. I am now looking for the 1/24 Sky's Decal set for the Israeli Spitfires from the War of Independence from 1948-54 or so. The set has long been out of print, though the set for the 1/24 P-51D Israeli birds from the same period seems to be often available and I've been able to get one. The tool for inserting requires a url
  18. I am retired USAF. I was on duty when belenko brought hs over. For weeks, I'd sit by the teletype intel feed to read about it. It was fascinating
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