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OH-58 AVX 1/35 Academy


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Well, I asked in the "Rules" topic about it and I didn't get any answer so I'll try to post it. If it don't fit then please , throw it out :)


My model of choice is Academy OH-58 which I'll try to convert into AVX version - a proposed modernization of well known Thug.



As far as I know, it doesn't exists yet. There was a proposal, some drawings, CGI animations and graphics but no prototype.

But I love the design so I've decided that I have to built it :)


First things first...rotorhead must be scratchbuild. I've made one using styrene.


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Hello Artook.


So glad to see you on here. .having seen your previous Helo builds

and diorama I think I am in for a treat. .dont know about others but this is

going to be great.


Nice start.




Well , I've never build any helo here nor diorama but thanks :)



Neat! This is pretty cool........................the MRBs remind me of aKamov Ka-50/52. Looking forward to some progress!


Thanks :)


Despite some problems I build two ducts for tail fans


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