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Roland C.II Walfisch

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WnW 1/32 Roland C.II.


Finished in time for our club BSK - Build the Same Kit event this coming Wednesday night.


It's my interpretation of the scheme of Rudolf Windisch on his mission on 2 October 1916 to insert his observer, Maximillian von Cossel 100km behind Russian lines where he laid explosives to destroy a railway bridge. Windisch returned the following day and picked Cossel up to return him to base.


Tamiya paints, Mr Metal Color for the metal bits, ezi-line for the rigging. Brass paint for turnbuckles.


Gaspatch Parabellum 14 gun. I build the Gaspatch ASI but it appears that it wasn't used on this particular aircraft and it looked like one of those fragile bits that would break off so I didn't put it on the model.


Fantastic kit that just falls together due to WnW superb engineering and it makes an interesting subject in the cabinet, especially alongside my Roland D.VIb from last year.




















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Looks very good ! Like the weathering.....Harv :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :punk:

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Thanks Harv,


I applied Tamiya Smoke all over the undersides with a cotton bud. It was blotchy as I wanted but too stark for my liking. The model had been decalled and sealed with Testors Glosscoat so I knew that Tamiya X-20A wouldn't attack that so I used a wide brush with X-20A and brushed the Smoke until it was less obvious, leaving some areas looking like oil runs and splashes of dirt. Then some very thin light brown to add some grime.


I'm pretty happy with the result.

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Peter, this is lovely work my friend, i like it allot.


Very subtle wheatering, and this on a very nice and striking color scheme, this is just fabulous. :goodjob:





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