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  1. Awesome bird! What parts did you scratchbuild?
  2. super! but hardly enough pictures.... we need more!
  3. I really like your finish, but I LOVE your cockpit! That is really well done
  4. Won-der-ful!!! Superb paintjob. Very nice.... Did you create the base yourself?
  5. Excellent. Superb paint job and very real photography! Nice, thumbs up!!
  6. And that's it, project complete! I hope you've enjoyed the thread, I must say this is my favourite project I've done to date and is now my "the house is on fire and I've only got time to save one model" model! Absolutely gorgeous project. I just logged in to let you know that this has been one of the most helpful threads/magazine articles/blogs that I have read in a very long time! Superb! And thanks for the huge effort of taking the pictures and explaining it all. I promise you, it was worth it. You'v got a fan in me! cheers,
  7. The more WnW models I see the more it drags me towards ww1 airplanes ... Very well done.
  8. Brilliant engine I'm going to copy that style of painting and aging for my FW190 build ... thanks for sharing.
  9. Hoping for more progress, you got me hooked
  10. I think this is simply the best thing I'v seen in 2015 and probably during some other years Absolutely amazing!
  11. That is just an incredible paintjob! Superb work... I'd say your skills are evolving prettttty well
  12. Hi James, might you let me know which magazine you built it for? Looks like I have to go get a copy of it
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