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Tamiya Spitfire XVIe


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Hi there

currently working on a Tamiya Spitfire XVIe after some frustration with another Project which I put on rest for a while. This kit I bought on Ebay for about 90,-- Euros. Planed as a filler project I very re-excited about the Tamiya Standard that makes it just fun to build. I actually made the SPitfire VIII, but IMHO that XVIe ist the better model and ist sure not to be my last Spitfire of that brand.


Don't wonder about the fast progress of the build. These posts are reposts from German speaking boards such as DMMB.


Originally planed as a build OBB, addons will be added and mentioned within the building steps.





I lost my heart to that French Maid which is template for that Project.









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As a modeller I started somewhere on page XY of the Tamiya manual, with the wings. I cut the 20mm muzzle and drilled out the 0.5†and replaced the Tamiya parts with some brass stuff and injection needles. The double flat on the muzzle of the Hispano was somewhat challenging and needed some tries






The pimped throttle. MP-, pitch-, and mixture-lever of the Tamiya part completely removed and replaced by PE-levers form the junk box. The MP-level herewith resin handle that I later replaced by a turned tooth pick. Same thing with the undercarriage level which was too clumsy.








On the dashboard Spitfire got a very prominent knob made of brass in the original which I here replaced also with a turned brass rod.






Stick with wiring and brackets added



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Here the interior after the first coat of color. After priming with Tamiya X-1 I used Polly-S Lichtgruen


For the basic coloring and mixed some Tamiya White to brighten up and shading.










The finished dashboard with Eduard Cockpit detailing set.



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The finished cockpit just before its tit into the fuselage. Buckles and straps are from HGW.

That thing lying on the seat is the oxygen supply which Tamiya forgot in the Spitfire XVIe kit.


Both of the other kits got that item! Don't know why.









Undercarriage I decided to use the one of G-Factor. Polished them and premasked them.

No Alclad will ever looks as good as the real stuff.



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Guest Peterpools

Terrific start and one good looking front office. Unfortunately, I'm an Alclad man and when the gear is paint and only the oleo shows, Alclad's can hold it's own should look the same.

Keep 'em coming


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We'll see Peter.  :fight:     :rofl:


So next step on the Spit. Yesterday I had sanded the the fuselage halfes and had some few re-riveting on the dorsal area and belly.

IMHO Tamiya got a good job on their bombs which Comes laong with 2 bomb halfes, 2 seperate fins and the ring shaped stab.Also

2 PE parts for the prop driven fuses on the top and the rear.


After sanding I masked the rear bomb cone and put some few Mr.Surfacer 1000 on the bomb and rolled it onto kitchen paper to get some

rough casting texture.





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