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Eyes in the air, eyes on the ground - RQ-7B and M-ATV finished

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OK, it's Academys RQ-7B. A pusher with twin tailbooms. A very small and simple kit, but qualified :thumbsup:




First parts glued. To make an in-flight display I added Albion Alloys square tube into the rear fuselage and the base and a smaller one inbetween. Very nice stuff, the tubes fit each other precisely.



Look at the belly:




The kit is nice. Good fit. Some mould seams need to be removed. Break lines of the kit parts follow the real paneel lines. Some details are lacking, some details are simplified. Will add some gizmos here and there.



- dutik

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The 'stan is ready:









This is the kit base with some carved sheets of balsa wood, a layer of wood putty, Tamiya buff and black, sand and small pebbles, a liberal amount of pigments and a coat of flat varnish.





Startet painting of the M-ATVs. Also added details to the drone. Some more to come. Keep care while handling this bird. The tail is that flimsy I broke it off two times...




- dutik

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I have to travel a lot these days, so progress is slow. But the subject was choosen wisely: Some small kits well suited for on-and-off working sessions.


Pushed the M-ATVs ahead:




Have to do some minor touch-ups here and there, paint the chain guns and to paint the bottom parts where the miniatures were tacked onto the woodsticks.



On terrain:





And the full view:






- dutik

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