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HK Models 1/32nd scale B-17G


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HK Models 1/32nd scale Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress


This model represents ‘Skipper'; a Douglas-built B-17G 42-238129 assigned to the 367th Bomb Squadron, 306th Bomb Group, based at Thurleigh.


This aircraft was one of 234 built by Douglas that had both staggered waist gun positions as well as the factory-fitted Cheyenne tail turret, and were delivered in camouflage finish. This particular aircraft entered service on 25th February 1944, and was still on strength with the 306th on VE-Day. The replacement natural metal starboard stabiliser, fin centre-section, both elevators and tail turret were necessary after the bomber was rammed from behind in a taxiing accident at Thurleigh in November 1944. After repair, ‘Skipper' went on to complete over 100 missions.


After hostilities ended, this veteran was transferred to the 398th BG at Nuthampsted on 28th May 1945, before flying back ‘across the pond' in January 1945 where it resided at Kingman before succumbing to scrap man's torch on 28th December of the same year.


This model has been built more or less out of the box, with only very minor additions. I made the small 'ice windows' on the pilots' windscreens from careful masking and Archer rivets. Aftermarket seat-belts came from Eduard, and a few additional details were added here and there from Evergreen strip where I felt them necessary, such as under the flightdeck floor. I used Eduard's exterior set which provided some vents and grills omitted by HK, as well as more detailed fuel filler caps. I didn't use any interior sets, as I felt that the kit parts were perfectly adequate when painted up, and Eduard have used ‘standard' US interior green on components rather than ‘bronze green' used on the B-17. I sprayed on the bomb group markings myself, and used the kit decals for the ‘stars and bars' etc. The ‘Skipper' name was printed for me, and I used KitWorld's excellent stencil set. All paints were from Hannants' Xtracolour range.


All in all a very straightforward and enjoyable build… although it's an expensive model, if you're a fan of the B-17 it's a ‘must have' kit. Was it worth the money? Roll on the B-17F version would be my answer to that!




















More detail pictures to follow...

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What a monster! No, not the finish; I'm talking about the size :)


Can you maybe post a picture of this build combined with e.g. the Lancaster, to compare scale? Ehm... wait, the B-24? No, the B-29... ok maybe just something else that we can compare the size by?


I think this is the first B17 to actually be finished... looks awesome and very inspiring. Glad you were able to solve the decal issue.

Edited by Roy vd M.
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Guest Peterpools


Thoroughly enjoyed following your thread from start to finish. Exceptional work on the interior detail painting and add-ons - looked just spot on. Fit and finish is so wonderfully done and your light treatment on the weathering is right up my alley: Used but not Abused.

Aces on a fantastic build

:clap2: :clap2: :clap2:


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Can you maybe post a picture of this build combined with e.g. the Lancaster, to compare scale? Ehm... wait, the B-24? No, the B-29... ok maybe just something else that we can compare the size by?


I'd love to take some shots alongside the others, but as you can imagine I need a fairly large space... and the fact that, wait for it, it's raining here in England for what seems like the 44,561st day in a row, I can't get the 'big bomber fleet' outside. 


When things perk up weather-wise I'll try to get them all together in the one shot - minus the B-24 as that's in a museum at Bungay where the real aircraft I modelled was based during the war.



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Fantastic result Tom! Really terrific work. Congrats on getting it done. May I publish it on the website?




Thank you Kev - and yes publish away (there's no need to ask really - as a member who loves frequenting this site I'm happy for my pictures to be used on the main page at any time.) If there's issues with the picture quality let me know and I'll send you larger copies as a zip as I did with the '29.


All the best,



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