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Sveedish yet plane!

Lee White

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OK, lots of folks are talking about the old Revell Gripen on another thread, so I'll build mine OOB to see what the finished model looks like- Got this from Jack many moons ago, so it needs to be built! pics to follow. Now back to your regularly scheduled program......

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yay!!!!!!!! I have wanted to see one of these built up, so I can actually see what it looks like. Can't wait for this one. I hope you provide us all with very detailed photos, and maybe you building it will convince one of the companies (or Derek) to make us a kit of this pretty Swedish fighter.



Any thought to markings yet?




Matt :party0023:

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Never heard of a Falukorv before- In Norway we would call that Polse..... Might have to try to get some next time I buy some scandinavian food online... i am addicted to Brunost......Mmmmmmmm




Also, I can get away with it, because even though I am of Norwegian heritage, (My Mom is a Norski) the family name is Nyquist, which, I have been reminded of many times by other Norwegians, is a Swedish name...

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