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Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109G-6/R6 Finished 10/20/13


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Here's one in the works, another of Hasegawa's 1/32 Bf-109G-6 kits this time being built as "Rot 6" of 2./JG300. The top aircraft on this Eagle Editions sheet:


Built mostly OOB so far, with seatbelts from lead foil with Eduard hardware, a modified spinner mount, wire brake lines, brass strip tank strap, and brass tube wing cannons.



I also modified the ETC rack fairing, opening up the lightening holes and adding some inner details.


All built up, waiting for paint


I also shaved off the front of the supercharger intake, and replaced it with a hand machined piece of tubing to get a perfectly round profile


As this aircraft will be heavily over-sprayed with dark gray and black, I didn't worry too much about getting the factory paint perfect. As long as it was close, I am OK with it. A coat of gloss to protect things



Next up, cutting some cross stencils to paint the upper wing, fuselage and tail bits. Then, the fun begins! Really looking forward to the later paint stages!

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Thanks Kev! I've been working on her for a couple of months and decided to wait until I had some paint on her before posting anything. They really are good kits, good fit and reasonably accurate.

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Wow! Look at you, cruising right along there.

Great looking IP -- wish I could get that.


When I saw the sheet you were using, Was hoping for "Rot 8" but "Rot 6" was my second hope. (yes, I look at the pictures first.)


Looking forward to the finished product. (Which will be, what, Wednesday, Thursday at the latest?)





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Thanks Dave! I am actually a very slow builder- started this one in December of last year. Should go faster now that the painting has commenced! I plan to build Red 8 in the future, figured a NMF Bf-109 would very cool in the display cabinet.

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Really great work Frank!


I do like the little stuff like the ring for the supercharger intake as well as the scheme youve chosen. (although a foiled Red 8 could be trick :hmmm: )


Was all the dark gray and black a special camo, or was there another purpose for the unusual colors over the normal Luft camo?



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Classic bird with some CLASSY workmanship to it..


WOW !!!! Amazing work from you. :thumbsup: :wow: :yahoo:


Thank you so much! Small update today, made up some masks for the fuselage crosses and shot some white through them. They seem to be the only markings slightly visible under the blacked out paint.




While I was at it, I made some templates to "black out" the wing crosses later




More to come soon, thanks for looking!

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Thank you, this is turning out to be a difficult scheme to replicate! Pulled out some dark gray, black, and other mixes to do the majority of the camo scheme this afternoon. I think it is pretty close, what are your thoughts? Still need to add the red "6" decals, a couple of stencils, and black out the upper wing crosses.


A couple of shots to show today's progress...







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