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Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109G-6/R6 Finished 10/20/13


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:popcorn: :beer:

Way to go.

My paint test is approaching.





Thanks Dave, glad you like! I'll be looking forward to Hartmann's markings on yours soon.


This is a scheme I would never have dared. I think you caught the camo quite well. Congratulations on your work, can't wait for the finished product.



Thank you Bill, the anticipation of getting it right was worse than actually doing it. It turned out to be great fun!




I do like it, its very different and quite unlike most of the 109 schemes you tend to see.


Well done


Thanks Brian, I tend to opt for the more blotchy, late war dull schemes over the brightly colored ones.


Whoa , almost missed out. ,,,,very nice choice of marking and execution so far . Cheers



Glad you stopped by Martin,

more coming soon!

Maybe Tamiya's NATO Black XFa-69 would help, if it's not too late to suggest. It's my favorite 'scale' black.


Looks excellent so far.


Great idea on the NATO black, forgot about that color! I think you are right- it would add more to the scheme.


Well done on the paint!




Thanks Ron!


Hi Daywalker, a very unusual 109 from one of my favourite unit. What did you use for the gloss surface? Future or other?

All the best.



Filippo- I used Alclad Aqua Gloss on this one, brilliant finish! I used to use Future, but the Aqua Gloss is just as shiny and durable, and MUCH easier to apply IMHO.


Nice...... very nice indeed.




Much appreciated Grant! :thumbsup:

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A little setback today...


I decided to put the decals on today, and the single-color ones (fuel triangles) worked well, but the red "6" along with the nose emblem were badly out of register. Harder to see here in the photo on the bat emblem, but you can see it on the red 6




When I applied the bat on the nose, I saw the white edging on the right side of it, and thought "that sucks, but I can live with it". It was drying as I soaked the red 6, and that one was MUCH worse. So, before the bat dried completely, I peeled it off to protect the model. Believe it or not, I had both this Eagle Editions sheet AND the Owl Decals sheet with red 6 on it, but sold the Owl sheet thinking I didn't need two of the same thing. Well, a search of the Internet proved that the Owl sheet is a bit difficult to find, but I did manage to find one on Ebay. So, the build will have to wait until they arrive. This is the SECOND 109 I have built, and had difficulties with the Eagle Editions sheets on both. Too bad they have really cornered the 109 market, as I have not been impressed with their quality.

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I echo the sentiments of others on your paint work, it looks marvelous. I'm surprised to learn that you had difficulty with the EagleCals- I've built some two dozen models with EagleCals and they consistently perform as well or better than any other brand I've used. I know you already bought some more Owl Decals, another brand I've had good experiences with, but I hope you'll write to Eagle Editions about your recent experience and see what Jerry & Judy have to say about it.

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Looking good, what RLM colors are you using for the camo? I like these JG 300 Nachtjagd birds, but their schemes can be a bit challenging. I've been looking at Stamp's Yellow 17 for awhile, I'm thinking the uppersurface camo was left unchanged for wings and tail planes, with a 75 overspray on the fuselage, maybe a 74 mottle?

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