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1/32 Tamiya P-51D

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Brilliant ! Looks awesome !..........Harv :popcorn: :goodjob:

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Kage, Kevin, Harvey, and Ron, thanks for the compliments. Dan, you need to treat yourself to some Pappy Van Winkle bourbon if you can find it.


Finished the national insignias.


Select outermost portion of mask first. A technique to aid emplacement is to attach semi-rigid backing paper or cardboard as shown to give some rigidity

when positioning mask.



All masks in place. Sliced wing mask at bottom to get it to lay around countour better. Put masking tape over slice to prevent overspray.



Used same mix of paint - 25 parts white, 1 part yellow and touch of black. Added additional masking for overspray and layed down the white. Keep your

spray angle at 90 degrees with light coats especially where mask covers contours. Also go extra light with white around border to prevent visible white

layer between base color (green) and final color (insignia blue). I went a little too heavy on bottom edge and it shows a little in the end.



I allowed 24hrs for the white layer to dry before proceeding.

Next, burnish a strip of masking tape down to remainder of mask. This will help you lift the mask as one piece (may need a little help with #11 Xacto blade).



Place remainder of mask within existing mask (that we used for white layer).



Now we remove the portion to be blue. This portion of mask was only used as and aid to properly position our star and bars.



Apply insignia blue and carefully remove all masking material. You can get creative with your insignia blue here. I used pure insignia blue on the underside

where no sun fading should occur. On the top surfaces I mixed a touch of white in and oversprayed the entire upper wing insignia while I faded the fuselage

insignia with a slightly lighter shade on top as this portion had more sun exposure. The effect is very subtle.








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Thank you Mark, Maru and Dave.


Dave, did you get started on the 109 build?



Pretty much finished with the paint, just a few touch ups here and there, decals and dullcote to go.


No decals so far - all paint.


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Guest Peterpools


Just loved the masking tutorial, as it is priceless to see how it's done. Masking and markings came out fantastic. Super touch with adding the white to the insignia blue and then the light oversparay. Looks perfect!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll echo everyone else's comments and say that looks absolutely outfreakingstanding!!!!!


When finished, you'll have to send some pics. to Bud Anderson's son, Jim so he can put them up on Bud's website!



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Peter, Mark, Kage, Kevin, Jgreiner,

Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated. Greiner, I may just do that; great site btw, lots of useful information there.


Hadn't had a lot of time lately but finally got a little in on the decals (all three of em) and dullcote. Went ahead and made the nameplate decal myself. Hopefully I'll be close to finishing this weekend.





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