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More Mustang profiles posted

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Hey guys;

We have approved ten of the planned 12 profiles for the newest EagleCals featuring some of the most colorful P-51 D Mustangs.

Please note - we are posting only the profiles now not in the final sequence for each sheet - just wanted you all to see what we are up to for our EagleCals!




Happy modeling!


Judy and the team at Eagle Editions Ltd.

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Hi, Judy, I'm actually looking at the George Preddy booklet and set of decals. Is there a scan of the set you could send me? I'd like to know what the nose art says and whether "invasion stripes" are included.


The nose art says "Cripes A'Mighty 3rd" you can see what you get on the Hannants site http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/EAG32100


The curently oop figure is a work of art http://www.eagle-editions.com/preddyfigure.htm just wish I could remember where I put mine!! :BANGHEAD2: :BANGHEAD2: :BANGHEAD2:

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Just to show you guys i have had a look at the EC#140 sheet on my site and the adhesion and the way these decals slip over lumps and bumps is very impressive - congratulations to EagleCals for a great job on them - This is how they sit on a Tamiya Mustang wing - this is with some small Micro sol and set and no varnish over them. They conformed over this rib on the wing very well.


Here is a link the that sheet's review as well :speak_cool:



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