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airscale coming soon – Jets & Luftwaffe Placards


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LSP’ers asked for more airscale ranges so happy to say we have been hard at work on two new releases – Early Jets and Luftwaffe Placards in 1/32 & 1/48


Jets will include instrumentation decals featured in a range of early Allied jets including F84, F86, F100, F104, Meteor, Vampire & Hunter


Luftwaffe Placards includes Warnings, Notices, Manufacturer labels for Junkers, Messerschmitt, Focke-Wulf, Henschel, Production labels for Bosch, Braun, Askania and lastly FuG Radio markings


Here are a few zoom shots of the masters, all being well release will be in June/July


After this we are defecting to MiGs & Yaks :evil_laugh:








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and i just put an order in yesterday with you guys for several other sheets. now this. my poor debit card!!!!!!!! :BANGHEAD2:


keep up the good work. let us know when the new stuff is ready so we can help the economy some more. LOL!!!!! :party0023:


Glen :piliot:

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Does anyone know who makes round instrument bezels in 1/32 that work well with airscales RAF instrument decals? What about the Luftwaffee and

U.S. Decals? Do the Waldron offerings work well with airscales items?

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