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Hi guys,



This will be my entry into the GB- Originally, this was to be a "Mini GB", with only Larry Hawkins and myself building one of these, Larry providing all the IM bits from Revell stukas (Prop, interior, wheels, etc.)

and I would provide all the vac bits. I finished the vac molds, but too late for me to get any parts to Larry, so I will dedicate this vac build to Larry, who i know would of built this thing in about 3 hours, and would have looked GOOD! I'm gonna take a bit longer, methinks....... This is a portion of all the parts needed, I need to buy some more plastic to vac the rest..





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Thanks guys- Kev, the parts are all made from scratch- I'm going to cheat by using available IM parts for the cockpit, as no interior pics are available, and of the 12 planes built, apparently none survived the war, so no museum pieces to examine. This thing was quite a plane, and handily won the fly-off with the competing Arado ar-95, meeting or exceeding the requirements of the RLM. The 167 demonstrated it's low speed controllability by hovering over a fixed spot on the ground, at 9'800 ft, and gradually losing altitude until it was only 100 ft AGL, without any loss of control! It also has a sinister look to it that just screams "BUILD ME!", so that is another reason I chose to build this obscure bird. It kinda looks like a Biplane version of the Stuka to me, but others might not see the resemblance.





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