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Linebacker Phantoms

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To all - your F-4 builds are looking fantastic.


I'm considering joining in with a Tamiya F-4 C/D or E as a USAF Vietnam Linebacker era build.


I have a set of the Cutting Edge (or are they CAM) GBU-10 Paveway Vietnam era guided bombs that I want to use but I have limited references at hand so I'm hoping someone can help out and point me in the right direction to start researching and pulling data together.


I'm thinking of a load out with the wing tanks, GBU's a couple of AIM 7's and no AIM 9's. What about the centreline station - were ordinary Mk 82's or CBU 20's carried on a MER for these missions too...?


Are there AM decal options for these phantoms?

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Hello joe,


I can't help you directly with any useful intel Joe, but I sure like the idea of a fully loaded out 'Toom...Bring it on!:speak_cool:





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i have the book "wolfpack" where you can see a couple of Ds with GBU loadouts

most of the time they had the GBUs on the inner wing stations with a gasbag either on centerline or two wingtanks

but there were assymetric loadouts too when they carried a targeting pod like the pave-tack or pave-spike (centerline, inner wing or forward sparrow well)

in a strike formation there was one plane with a ttargeting pod that lased for the others too

good pics are in the squadron "air war over vietnam pt. III" and in some others

actually the night owls decals in the tamiya C/D kit was seen with GBUs

i have never seen these combined with dumb-bombs in vietnam (not that this means anything)

never seen an aim 9 either, most of the time just two sparrows aft

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You'll have a much easier time finding decals for the E. There wasn't ever much made for the C and the only sheet available these days withouth scouring ebay or begging, is the AirDoc sheet for US C's and D's stationed in Germany in the 70's.



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Hi Joe,


Because there were not tons and tons (no pun intended) of these “new” smart weapons available they were slated for missions against "high valve" heavily defended or targets that had pretty much defied destruction using dumb bombs. That said the aircraft were usually configured just for said mission profile and did not mix Dumb and Smart bombs.

Most often there would be one or two aircraft loaded with two GBU’s on the inboard pylon and a full load of external tanks and two AIM-7’s in the aft positions and a ECM pod in the forward missile bay. The weapons would be directed to target by an aircraft configured with the Laser Designator.

If the target was “very” well defended then it might be a single aircraft configured with the Designator and GBU. These were often night missions to further reduce the threat to the aircraft and crew.

There were exceptions to this as dictated by the requirements of the mission and target.


Phormer “Pave Slave”

8th TFW, Ubon RTAFB.

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Thanks for the responses guys.


I think at this stage I might go with a D version as most of the pics I've seen seem to be that version.


I'll save the E for another time....


I'm definately up for new decals as the ones in the kit broke up as soon as they hit water. I tried to use the AIM-9 decals on my recent A-7 build without any success.


The build will be pretty much OOTB except for some Legend Prod seats and the CE GBU-10's. I might invest in some new cans too....maybe.


Not being one to stick to the rules that much, I'll probably add the MER to the centre station packed full of something.


Anyway I hope to make a start sooner than later.

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I have the day off work today so I dug out my F-4 kits and got togther what references I have.


I'm definately in for the build but I'm now thinking about doing both Tamiya kits as part of a Vietnam theme and the GB....


I built the Tamiya F-4 J some time back so I've had a crack at the kit before but this will be my first GB and my first A/C on SE Asian camo.


Bring it on....


I'm web window shopping now to see what AM I might add to the build(s)


I'm not worried about with the intakes or the battle damage plates - I can live them as is.



Here's a pic of my starting point......




Here's the Paveways....




Heres's my mancave.... 6m X 6m Shed in my backyard.




Here's my workbench / area....






And finally here's a start on my Phantoms....





Edited by joe

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Here's an update on works so far.....


I've pretty much finished both pits OOTB. I have resin seats for both builds but I wont add these until closer to the end of the builds. Pretty much sprayed Tamiya paints and picked out the detail with Humbrol Enamels. Lots of artistic licence with some of the colours


I've fitted the intakes which were a ***** on both A/C. I'll probably track down some Quickboost FOD covers during the build.


I almost finished the burners and pipes.


For the pipes I first sprayed them flat black and then started to weather with Tamiya Deck Tan, varying the effect as I went.

I then used some black pastels to weather the recesses in the pipes and finally Alclad Jet Exhaust lightly sprayed for effect. I'm lazy so I didn't bother cleaning the up....


I might add some brown tones before I close them up.


For the burners I used Tamiya Gun metal from the can and Vallejo browns for the bullets. I used a slightly different shade for each set to represent the engines (they look like easter eggs). The "cage" around the bullets was spayed with Tamiya gloss alluminium and then weathered with Alclad Jet Exhaust.


On to the pits....






Pipes and burners...





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nice paintig

at least trial fit the resin seats, some of these wont go into the pit without modifications


I echo the thoughts about the seats. see the thread on Revell cockpit tub. The key to the seats is to make sure the chute pack is at the right height in the front and rear tubs.



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Looks good so far! Brave man to start two of these beasts.....


No kidding! I have my hands full with one. Great job so far! Cockpits look great.

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