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The wooden wonder


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Hi tim

sounds like a cool scheme to me .

Hi Anthony

sounds like your having a great time working on the real thing thanks for the kind words.

Texas, Rocky, Barry, Marek ,Dave and Angel

thanks for your support it means much to have such kind words thankyou all more to come just sanding the ole girl.


And thanks to everyone else who left a comment.




I did a bit of research and I think I'm going to do a 157 Squadron bird configured for night intruder ops over the continent--this means leave off the radar and use the later roundels/fin flash.


This is going to be cool.


Tim W.

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Hi all

now for those of you who are not in the know as to how big this thing is,here it is against my P-47D which is the same 1:24th scale.You can also see that it overtakes my work bench just due to the shere size of the thing and it also becomes a handfull when sanding and glueing.Im hopeing to get a coat of paint on her tomorrow as all will be finished in the sanding and filling tonight.Anyhow here she is im not to sure as to what scheme im going to be doing her in but its not to far away now.
















Thought i would post a pic of this as so many of you liked it.





Thanks again for your interest and comments more on the way.



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  • 3 months later...

Hi all

i moved to a new house and now its time to get back online with the Mossie,i managed to get a primer coat on her and im about to start the plumbing for both engines.








Thanks for stopping by more to come Clive.

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  • 4 months later...

Hi folks

Its been a while since i put something up due to a supposed detached retina,so im back on the scene again with the Mossie here is a few pic's of what i have accomplished so far.
















I also added the brass guns from Air Master Series.



I have been to the optitions and they have told me not to worry as i do not have a detached retina im so glad ,this now means im good to go but the best news i have had this year is im now going to be a dad wey hey! i cant believe it im now joining the parent club and cant wait.Here's a pic of me and my lovely girl friend (future mum n dad) in front of the Mosquito at sailsbury hall.




More to come but its back to work today so blast time up already.


Thanks for stopping by Clive.

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  • 5 years later...

Hi all

   well this is long overdue, 2010 right well I've made a start back at this one hoping to get her finished famous last words lol.


So here goes I left this bird well and truely stranded so when I retrieved her from the loft I took a long look at her and decided to change the way she was, she was heading in the direction of an RAAF Mossie originally so now I've decided to redo her as an RAF based Mossie.  This is because I have had the pleasure of sharing an afternoon tea with a veteran and boy did he have a story or two to tell.  So without further ado lets start with the engines, I left here with the engines being justt painted black so now I have repainted them and I'm now starting to add the plumbing.






Cheers all thanks for stopping by.



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