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Hawker Typhoon : FINISHED

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Everything looks good so far. I really like the typhoon, cool airplane with that scoop.




no scoop just engine and radiator. This part will be most difficult of the entire build hence why l am leaving it to last


hacker Happy New Years

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B) :o :o


Dave...you gotta do us a favour and get a great camera. Where have you been hiding all this awesome building? Maybe you'd sacrifice some coffee...nah....forget that.


Wow...it looks incredible mate...I love it


Cheers Matty


got a sony like l used to have for a while so better pics are on the way. :lol:


hacker <_< :blink:

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Great looking Tiffy so far.


As for the groupbuild.


Aldough I'm not the official host of the GB (yet :lol: ) I don't mind you entering it.


Most GB's on other sites speak of a certain percentage that can be started before the statingdate.Mostly it's around 30 % max.


But in your case it looks like you only just begun to start all the detailwork.


So,if LSP Chris doesn't mind,I shall add your Tiffy to the list of entries.

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:lol: <_<


WOW dude looks great your realy going to town on tis one he


I like it a lot, and yes you realy need to take better pictures because if it looks good already man its gotta be awesome when the pics are more clearly :blink:


Greetz STB

Frederick Jacobs

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ok guys l will see what l can do. Like l said l got myself a sony like l used to have so l will retake everything and see if l can make it better for you guys. Thanks for the comments l decided that if l am going to do this l am going to do it that would be more striking then just an out of the box build. There is alot more to do on it. Thanks to Erwin l got rockets for it and the ammo belts so now l have to decide if l am going to use the cannons out of the matchbox spit l have or go mental scratchbuilding the puppies. IF l do a good enough job l may even seek out someone to mold them and make copies so l can used them in future projects. At the moment too l am deciding whether to go with the tail planes l have or go even more mental and scratchbuild a set of Tempest tails. l want to do a RCAF Tiffies with all the modifications, Just have to come up with decals for the code letters


hacker :lol: <_<


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Well like l said l got some better pics. l even used my photo shop program to edited them for a better look so here we go. Fisrt off the cockpit with just the framing. L still have to add more stuff to it so bare with me on that.


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