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  1. Looks good so far. I have one of these I just finished, and another thats gonna get started soon and my only complaint was the stick, Think they could have done a little better. jim
  2. sweet bug, that paint scheme is probubly one of my favorites. jim
  3. boness

    Another Jug.

    This looks like an excellent kit, and you are doing a wonderfull job on it so far. jim
  4. Thanks all, I will post more pics of the different parts, just gotta take em then i will post them. John, I think I will do the Jenny next, Maybe I will get lucky and the wife will buy it for my birthday jim
  5. Thanks for the response Chris, I hadnt thought of doing it that way, but makes all the sence in the world. Cant waite to see this one done, I have been inspired by all of your previous cutaways in the past. jim
  6. This is turning out nice. I hope it finishes up as nicely as your Ki-61 did. I saw a review of the kit in SAMI and you did an excellent job on thatone. I really enjoy watching you build these masters, it is so very educational. Thank you for posting them. jim
  7. Wow, I leave for a little bit, and you get this far. You are a machine man. I think its just because I cant do this stuff that fast or nicely. This thing looks good. How do you determine the shape for the bulkheads in the fusalage section? I am having a hard time with that on my Harrier. Jim
  8. hello all, It has been a while since I have been here, and have missed having the time to come in and "visit". What little extra time I have has been spent at the bench working on this little project here. This was a very interesting project, I learned alot of new skills (bentwood lamination, carving,working with cast metal...). On a whole this kit was an excellent kit, and cant waite untill I get another to build.As one would figure with this kit, nothing fell together, it took alot of testfitting, and grinding to get it to go together. I made a few mistakes, but they arent too noticeable. The next will be even better. The only things I changed from the kit was I covered the fuel tanks in thin brass sheet, scratchbuilt the back of the seat using wire and wood strips, and replaced the thick copper wire on the back of the motor with fine brass wire. I also glued all the control surfaces in place instead of leaving them "moveable". I figured this would be safer for the model in the long run. well, thank you for looking, any and all comments are welcome. Jim
  9. That has got to be some of the best woodgrain I have seen man, I need to try that (Isuck at wood grain). JIm
  10. good luck on this project Dominic, Its gonna be a big one. I built the 1/32 Kagnam F-16XL kit a couple years ago, most of the parts are wrong, but the wings look close. You might be able to use them as a base for the ones you need to build. I got mine through MRC's website. When I built that one, I wasnt going for accurate, I was going for looks right so its not 100%. It does catch peoples attention though in that scale. I found in my research that the fuse on F-16 kits are too short, they added two fuse plugs to the airframe to lengthen it. As far as I could see, the cockpit was that of the F-16A ( I think the first XL was actually #1 F-16, it had a nose gear collapse on landing so the engineers turned it into the XL ). They did beef up the gear on this airframe to suppert the added weight of the wings and weapos it was supposed to carry. Wish you all the luck man jim
  11. Hello all, I need some help here, I am working on a series of three mustangs, and need some assistance. I cant seem to find any good pictures of the plumbing on the Rolls Royce Merlin engine used in the P-51, does anyone know of a good picture online, or have a pic they can post that shows where all the hoses and stuff are on them?? Also I have seen pictures of them in kind of a dark green, and black. Which color is correct for the block on this engine?? Thanks for any help jim
  12. Wow, you have alot of work into this one. It is looking wonderfull so far, cant waite to see it done. jim
  13. boness


    hey John, I am enjoying this build. There are alot of different new building techniques I am learning. Building has slowed down for this week, kids visiting for spring break, and family trips to the two "local" air museums for reference pics. will post more pics when I get back to the building. jim
  14. nice looking Hornet so far, really going to be sweet when done. I built this kit (my first 32nd bird) and really enjoyed it. It was kind of intemidating with all that plastic stuffed in the box though. jim
  15. Nice start on the butcher bird, cant waite to see it done. When fighting the carpet monster, stick a pair of nylons (like the wife wears) over the attachment hose and vaccum, it will keep the part from getting sucked into the vacum. jim
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